Kim Kardashian says Kanye not a diaper dad, shares new North pics on Ellen


Kim Kardashian is set to appear on Ellen today and the show has teased quite a few scenes from the sit down as well as some adorable new pics Kim brought along of baby North.

Are Kim and Kanye going to have more kids?

Kim told Ellen that she wanted 6 kids but that after having North she would have “a million” but wouldn’t wish pregnancy on anyone. She added that reading a copy of What To Expect While You’re Expecting made her cry hysterically.

As for Kanye, Kim said he’s “the most amazing dad,” even though he’s not a “diaper kind of guy.”

Here are two new pics that Kim shared of North:

North West new photo from Ellen

North West on Ellen

That’s some cute stuff right there!

Kim not talking about Kanye’s recent scuffle:

Kim expressed how much she’d love to tell her side of the story in regards to Kanye’s beat down of a young man who is believed to have slurred racial epithets at her and her husband, but she is unable because of legal reasons. Ellen also showed her “Bound” Christmas card poking fun of Kanye and Kim’s music video.

And wouldn’t you know Kim had a wardrobe malfunction:

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