Josh Duggar to appeal child pornography convictions Feb 16 with oral arguments

Josh Duggar is headed back to court. This time, in hopes of appealing his 2021 charges.

Duggar is currently serving a 12+ year sentence for “receiving and possessing child pornography.”

Josh Duggar appeal

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments for Josh Duggar’s case February 16, 2023, in Kansas City.

Here his defense team will present their argument of why they believe Duggar has been wrongly convicted, saying that they don’t believe the investigation was thorough.

According to the official motion:

The motion argues that the evidence presented by the prosecution didn’t show that Duggar actually viewed the child pornography downloaded onto his computer or that Duggar knew what the visual depictions were of.

The motion also argues that the government failed to disclose exculpatory evidence in a timely manner, that Duggar’s attorneys weren’t allowed to call a witness who also had access to the computer in question, and that a government expert witness should not have been allowed to testify.

The uncalled witness

Who is the “uncalled witness” that Duggar’s attorney’s weren’t allowed to call to testify? None other than Caleb Williams, who previously served his own sentence for impregnating a minor.

Caleb worked at the Duggar car lot where the FBI raid occurred.

Williams is currently registered as a Child Sex Offender and Sexual Predator for “penetrating a minor between the ages of 13-17 while at least 5 years older than the victim.” Due to this offence, a child was conceived.

Caleb Williams mugshot

It appears that Duggar plans to use Williams as a scapegoat, or at the very least a diversion. Arguments will be made that Williams had access to the same computers Josh did, yet was never questioned about his involvement.

Josh Duggar also believes his ex-associate to be “tech savvy” and due to his prior convictions, a likely suspect for child pornography.

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