Breaking Amish’s Abe and Rebecca lived in a friend’s camper while she was pregnant in 2010

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler and Abe Schmucker and their daughter

We’ve got another small addition to the “Faking Amish Files” thanks to former friends of Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler who reveal in this week’s National Enquirer that they allowed Rebecca and Abe to live on their property for a few months back in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant.

“Rebecca and Abe are not two kids who fall in love as the show is being filmed,” Shannon Edwards of Co­lumbia, Kentucky, told The Enquirer. “They’ve been out of the Amish com­munity for some time, and they’ve been a couple for years. They stayed in a camper behind our home for sev­eral months in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant with their baby girl.”

So what about their unfamiliarity with modern wonders of technology, such as appliances, or Rebecca’s aversion to wearing revealing swimwear? “Rebecca used our washer and dryer and other appliances all the time,” Shannon said. “She’d hang out by the pool in a little bitty bikini, and Abe liked to drink alcohol.”

And Shannon isn’t just talking, she is the same person that first shared the infamous poolside Rebecca Byler bikini photo:

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler bikini photo from 2010

(That’s Shannon Edwards standing beside Rebecca Byler in the photo. Originally I pixelated her, but now that she has gone “on record” with her story, I figured she would be OK with putting her face on that hot bikini bod.)

“Abe worked for my land­scaping company, and the last time I saw them, they were riding around in a fancy new pickup truck,” Shannon’s husband Adrian Edwards reveals, “We figured he’d gotten a new job. Now we know what that job was – working on that phony TV show!”

UPDATE – Shannon Edwards has commented on a link to The National Enquirer article posted on the Breaking Amish the Exposé Facebook page:

I wanna comment to this i know both abe and rebecca they lived behind me for quite sumtimes i was just as anxouse as you all to watch them on tv but was very disgusted when i saw it i though how in the worl for one leave their daughter which i know for a fact they have cuz i remember her taken the test and how excited abe was and to hid her like she doesnt exsist is worse i was disgusted also i think they are going back and re writing the lies into the story as they happen to cover up as well rebecca’s family has shunned her for running off in 2010 with abe her and her first husband left the amish together then she met abe and they stayed here in ky for months this is how i looked at it THEY GOT PAID TO LIE I GOT PAID TO TELL THE TRUTH

(Also leaving a comment was the “Lone Rider” Facebook profile, which evidence suggests is in fact Jeremiah Raber. In response to Shannon, he wrote, “@shannon marie. thanks for putting that story in there, it will help the ratings again lol”)

UPDATE – Shannon has added some more comments! HEre you go:

play the part abe omg this is the craziest thing on t.v being they ran off from her husband in 2010 to ky and abe knew y bcuz she was messing with abe for gods sake abe lived with rebecca and her husband

i never said they where friends of mine when you cuss out my kids and leave without paying your rent thats a problem for me so i so nothing wrong with cashin in also i wanted to watch them go to new york i just didnt excpect the lies i was shocked and i do wish them well….

With Breaking Amish TLC has perhaps its most successful series ever, despite the fact that just a few weeks in there was more than enough evidence online to suggest the premise was pretty much entirely not true. Now, weeks later, with only one more episode to go, I’m beginning to wonder if the show wouldn’t have been even MORE popular if producers had just presented the cast members truthfully! Sort of a former Amish Real World New York City.

You’ve got a divorced father of three with a history of legal troubles stemming from domestic abuse accusations, a former teen bride who ran off and left her husband for another former Amish man who soon after fathered her child, a super sexy wannabe model with a booze problem, and another cocktail-loving adoptee and former Mennonite divorcee looking for her real parents in the Big Apple. Maybe it could have just been called Broken Amish. I damn sure woulda watched that train horse and buggy wreck!