VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 ep 9 preview clips for Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle, and Kailyn

Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Lowry

The VMAs may be over, but there is plenty more to look forward to on MTV this week…namely, a brand new episode of Teen Mom 2! Check out the batch of preview clips for this week’s glimpse into the lives of Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry.


CHELSEA HOUSKA: Aubree’s new name for Cole

During last week’s episode, we got a great look at the relationship between Chelsea’s BF, Cole DeBoer, and Aubree. In the new clip, Chelsea revealed to her friends that Adam Lind forgot about Aubree’s preschool graduation—which was a huge disaster because Cole was there to lend his support. In fact, Chelsea said Aubree is so attached to Cole that she’s asked if she can start calling him “dad” when he moves into their house! (Now, we just have to wait for Adam’s reaction.)


JENELLE EVANS: You made me hate myself

Jenelle and Nathan Griffith are still separated following his domestic violence arrest. In the clip, Jenelle asked Nathan to help pay for Kaiser’s daycare for the week, but he said he’s totally broke…possibly because he’s already spending his money on a new girlfriend. Despite that, Jenelle told Nathan over the phone that she still wants to be together.

“Nathan, it’s so hard for me to keep calm when there’s another girl,” Jenelle said. “I’ve been with you and only you for two years now….And for you to move on that fast?”

Nathan said that although he has “comfort” with the new woman, it isn’t the life he imagined for himself either–but he said it was necessary to be apart because they were “killing each other.”


KAILYN LOWRY: Isaac in the middle

Kailyn and ex Jo Rivera are new neighbors, and recently sat down for a friendly chat about how beneficial their proximity is for Isaac. Although they agreed that it’s a good thing, Kailyn doesn’t think they need to come together as “one family” in the way Jo envisioned.

“He’s going to have a sister or brother and that isn’t going to have anything to do with me or Javi,” Kailyn said. “So that is his family over there.”

To Kailyn’s relief, though, Jo said he doesn’t plan to ask for more custody of Isaac. The only thing that would make the situation better, in Kailyn’s opinion, is Jo paying more child support.


LEAH MESSER, Can the girls see Leah?

While Leah was away at her “intensive therapy program,” Corey Simms picked up the twins from Leah’s mom, who asked if she could get them back on Mother’s Day to visit Leah. When she refused to tell Corey where the treatment center was located, Corey said he was uneasy sending his daughters off to a random place.

“She didn’t discuss none of this with me,” Corey said of Leah. “I understand it’s Mother’s Day, but she made the decision to go….Now that I have them, I am their parent. I have to make the decisions on my own for them.”


The new Teen Mom 2 episode airs on MTV on Thursday at 10/9c.

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