SOUTHERN CHARM Jennifer Snowden drops 80lbs gained during pregnancy


Southern Charm star Jennifer Snowden is sharing her weight loss tips after she dropped a staggering 80lbs gained during pregnancy.

Snowden welcomed son Ascher on September 12, 2016 after she revealed that he was diagnosed in utero with brain encephalocele – a birth defect of the neural tube.

Going against the advice of medical experts, the realtor decided to not abort her baby after her hairstylist told her, “You don’t know what God can heal in the womb and you don’t have to be so sad. You’re sad because of this weighty decision but you just have to pray.”

Here’s how Jennifer detailed her astounding weight loss:

*** “Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a LOT of ?’s about what I did to lose the 80lbs I gained ?while pregnant. Here’s the down low: to kickstart my weight loss I ate low carb, high protein, no sugar, low fat, & little alcohol. As for exercise: I run a LOT & do TRX training with my trainer Bobby Shaw. It has made my abs & arms look better than they did before. I was worried my abs would never be the same but now they’re rock solid from my back to my front ab muscles.”


“I’ve always done heavy weights for weight training so I was resistant to the bands because I didn’t think it’d be enough for me. Well, it is & it’s a great total body workout focusing mainly on the core outward. I do the TRX training 3 mornings a wk for 55 minutes & I run 5 times a wk for @ least an hour. Sometimes I switch it up & will walk on a steep incline & run instead of just running. Hope this helps.”


“By the way I lost all of that weight in 6.5 months & am now below what my pre baby weight was so my point is: you can do it! Most ppl don’t have 80 lbs to lose & I don’t wish that on anyone but stick with it & you’ll be staring @ a person in the mirror you didn’t know you could become! ?? @longevityfitnesscharleston asked me if they could have their photographer take photos of my weight loss so here are some of those so you can see what TRX training looks like. Anyone can do it. My mom does it and she’s 60. ?? (plz pardon my deo on my shirt. It’s inevitable everyday that that happens. Whoops?)” ***

Well there ya have it… And even though it’s got nothing to do with this post, I just HAD to share this snap of baby Ascher that’s the essence of genuine laid-back south cool!

Charmed, we’re sure 😉