Miley Cyrus’ Drive is about wanting to end her engagement last February

Miley and Liam Paranoia Premiere

Even though Miley Cyrus launched a full “We Did Not Break Up” tour after Liam Hemsworth’s post-Oscar party scandal, the Bangerz singer now says the relationship was on thin ice at that time.

While speaking with Canada’s Fashion Magazine about upcoming track “Drive,” Miley said it was inspired by her emotional anxiety last Valentine’s Day.*

“It is about needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship. It’s a time when you want to leave but you can’t. It’s also about moving on,” she explained of “Drive,” which includes lyrics about driving “far away where no one can find us / Drive till our hands get blue and pain gets in our hearts.”

This is a different from the statements Miley made earlier this year about still working toward marriage.

“We have a house together and dogs. It just seems right to be wearing this ring and to be committed,” she told V Magazine last spring. “But we keep our relationship low-key and don’t talk about it any more.”

Even more recently, the couple made a show of their supposed solidarity by walking the red carpet together in August.

Do you believe Miley’s story about wanting to end the relationship last winter?

*Of note: Miley’s interview with Fashion was 10 days after the Aug. 25 MTV VMAs, which means it was one week before her split from Liam was announced.

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