PHOTO Jenelle Evans hospitalized, has her appendix removed

Jenelle Evans in the hospital after surgery to have her appendix removed

The past few weeks have been unusually quiet (in a great way) for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as she has been managing to enjoy life with her new man Nathan Griffith while at the same time staying out of trouble, jail, and the hospital… Until now. Nathan took to Facebook earlier this evening and posted the rather disturbing photo of Jenelle above after apparently having her appendix removed!

“My life looks like she is dying. I feel so horrible and I wish I could take the pain away from her,” Nathan wrote as a caption to the photo on his own Facebook page before sharing it on Jenelle’s Facebook page and Twitter feed along with these slightly altered captions:

My best friend looks so miserable. I feel so horrible for her. I’m sorry! She was operated on to remove her appendix.

Jenelle wanted me to post this. I feel so hopeless and I wish I could take her pain away… I’m sorry baby!

The photo drew an inevitable negative tweet from one of Jenelle’s followers that read, “Of course she wanted you to post this, she’s an idiot. Nobody feels bad.” Nathan (I assume) responded by tweeting, “actually a lot of people were blowing up her phone so I asked her if she wanted me to.”

So far that’s all we know. Hopefully Jenelle is recovering and will be back to update fans herself soon!

UPDATE – Nathan spoke with Radar Online and explained what happened leading up to the surgery. “She’s been in pain for about a month and I suggested before that it could be her appendix,” he said. “So I dropped her at the hospital before work. I told her to call me if you go into surgery so I could be there for her.”

Jenelle is expected to be released Tuesday.

UPDATE – Earlier today (Tuesday) Jenelle tweeted “Dr Barbara and Mr Jace will be with me today to help me at home. How sweet! Thanks Mom. ❤️ love u!” She also thanked her supporters by tweeting, “Thanks for showing me support guys! Love all of u and again thanks for all yr kind words. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

But as usual with Jenelle, it hasn’t been all kind words. Some fans criticized her for having Nathan post the photo of her after surgery, Jenelle responded to one Twitter user who wrote “what sort of freak posts pics of themselves in a hospital bed like that #attentionseeking #wierdo #norespect” by explaining “maybe becuz my phone was blowing up all day and people assuming I ODed.”

Apparently people continued to assume Jenelle had overdosed and let her know as much. Jenelle responded to the accusations that she was covering up an overdose by writing, “Reallyyyyyyyyyy upset by the way I’m being treated on Twitter. I mean I’m in so much pain and all u guys do is say I lie about this surgery.” And then she added, “Like are u f***ing kidding me? Why wasn’t i on twitter ALL DAY YESTERDAY?? Becuz there was obviously a reason…” and finally “Bye Twitter. [with a hand giving a peace sign]”

Later in the day Jenelle actually shared a photo of the paperwork from her surgery as proof:

Jenelle Evans offers proof that she had her appendix surgically removed

An unsatisfied commenter pointed out the paperwork had no date, and Jenelle responded by posting a photo of her hospital bracelet with the tweet, ” lmfao ok… This does.”

Jenelle Evans hospital bracelet appendectomy surgery

One fan actually seemed concerned about how Jenelle was doing and she responded with this update: “I’m feeling alright… Can’t walk hardly or use my abs :/ ill be fine though! 🙂 I’m strong.”

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