RETURN TO AMISH Jeremiah tweets hate for Kate in bitter Twitter tirade over wedding snub

Kate Stoltz Jeremiah Raber Twitter fight

Return To Amish co-stars Jeremiah Raber and Kate Stoltz have always seemed to have a tenuous friendship at best, but now it appears to be over for good after Jeremiah declared his hatred of Kate on Twitter before calling her a liar and a fake — apparently due in large part to Kate not attending his April wedding in Vancouver, Washington.

Kate responded to Jeremiah’s comments, explaining why she didn’t go to his wedding, but it did nothing to sway Jeremiah’s disdain. Their co-star Sabrina even came to Kate’s defense, but Jeremiah was having none of it.

The whole ordeal eventually led to Kate deleting her Twitter account, but not until after she shared an appreciative Facebook post addressed to those with supportive messages for her over the past few weeks. [UPDATE – Kate has since reactivated her Twitter account, although it is currently set to private.]

We’ve got a complete recap of Jeremiah and Kate’s Twitter feud, which begins with Jeremiah live tweeting the episode and referring to Kate as “Ms. Goodie Goodie.” That comment sparks a conversation between Jeremiah and co-star Sabrina, with Kate chiming in later after she was made aware of Jeremiah’s trash talking. (He apparently had her blocked.) I tried to piece it together in a single narrative, but with multiple responses to single tweets, that was nearly an impossible task. As a result, there is a block of just Kate’s tweets.

Return To Amish Jeremiah Raber Kate Stoltz

JEREMIAH: ms goodie goodie is way to fake @ReturnToAmish

SABRINA: she’s not a goodie goodie or else she wouldn’t have been so supportive of me!!!!

JEREMIAH: personal opinion hahaha

JEREMIAH: they would never show the real her. they dont want ppl to hate her

SABRINA: I don’t get why people don’t like her. Kate is legit #ReturntoAmish

JEREMIAH: lmao ya legit fake!!!

SABRINA: whatever Jeremiah Kate likes you she really does.

JEREMIAH: never again will i sit at the same table as kate!!! #ReturntoAmish

SABRINA: that’s what the amish do when they shun each other are you shunning Kate??!

JEREMIAH: they shun out of love…im doing it because i HATE her!!!! #ReturntoAmish

SABRINA: why do you hate her 🙁 I know how you feel, I don’t hate Rebecca but I think she hates me lol

JEREMIAH: its my choice to hate her 🙂 #ReturntoAmish

SABRINA: I never said that it’s not lol.

TWEETER: I expect a few TV viewers feel the same way about you. At least @kate__stoltz isn’t trying to define her life via realityTV.

JEREMIAH: like I said I don’t care what people think because I’m not here to please any of you

TWEETER: it kind of comes off to the outside world as jealousy. Idk why u “hate” (harsh word) her but u should be able to talk it out.

TWEETER: Maybe you don’t understand her, she has never talked bad about you on social media, she opened her door to you

JEREMIAH: doesnt mean i did or will like her lol #ReturntoAmish

TWEETER: I am not judging you I have been defending you to a bitch on here just think that you might be a little judgemental

JEREMIAH: well the truth is shes not the way they show her on the show!! shes worse!! #returntoamish

TWEETER: I can’t speak on her Bc I don’t know her personally, I can’t say yes/no however she really does seem sweet and caring Jer she’s good to Brina

JEREMIAH: doesnt mean shes that way to me

Kate Stoltz Jeremiah Raber Twitter feud deleted tweets
Kate Stoltz and Jeremiah Raber_Twitter feud on Twitter
Kate Stoltz Jeremiah Raber wedding tweets
Return To Amish Jeremiah and Kate Twitter feud deleted tweets

TWEETER: stop trying to get a reaction out of one another! Agree to disagree. You’ll get on again by next season.

JEREMIAH: lol no I already made it clear to production i won’t be on another season with her

TWEETER: do you realize you are making yourself look like a teen age drama queen? Your kids deserve u to be ur best, be a role model

Meanwhile, Kate shared this message on her Facebook page:

THANK YOU to everyone that has ever taken the time to support me. The positive messages I have gotten on Facebook over the past couple weeks have been incredibly inspiring and are so appreciated. I had a very intense past couple months and everyone on here helped me through it. Words are very powerful and often go much further than some people realize. You guys are awesome.

OK readers, what is your take on the feud? Let us know who you think is being a complete asshat and who you think is being Kate. 😉 (I think you know how we feel about it.)

It’s my understanding that Jeremiah’s wedding will be a huge part of the end of this season, so I’m guessing the drama around Kate not attending will be featured prominently. New episodes of Return To Amish air Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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