Jenelle says husband David Eason is black based on results

Jenelle Evans says husband David Eason is black

In “headlines I didn’t expect to write today” news, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason is defending her controversial spouse David Eason against claims that he is racist by pointing out that he is black, according to his DNA analysis results from

The racial revelation came via Twitter and Instagram, and all started with a rather innocent proclamation from Jenelle celebrating life on “The Land:”

Jenelle Evans The Land tweet

The tweet inspired one curious follower to inquire about the well being of Jenelle’s significant other. “How’s your racist and homophobic husband?” the Twitter user asked.

Jenelle was quick to defend her homophobic husband as she spilled his ancestral beans. “My husband is black,” she tweeted, adding: “but yeah ok sure. Lmao.”

Another astonished Twitter user responded by asking incredulously: “He’s black? Seriously?”

Jenelle calmly responded as she dropped her truth bomb: “Yes, he has Senegal and North African in him.” She signed off the tweet with the #FunFact hash tag and ☝️ emoji.

As the Hatterverse recovered from their collective spit take, Jenelle returned with receipts. “Check out my Instagram story to see David’s DNA from @Ancestry ??‍♀️ #TruthBeTold,” she tweeted.

The truth that was told is a video in which David scrolls through what I assume are his results on a smart phone:

David Eason DNA results

As you can tell from the screen cap above, David Eason is clearly “black” as he is 1% Senegalese and over 0% North African. If you are bad at math, that equates to over 1% African heritage for David!

I have to confess that I’ve never done the thing, but I did want to point out that the African percentages are classified under the “Low Confidence Regions” portion of the results. I’m not sure what the fine print is on that as far as accuracy of those numbers.

On a side note, I’m a little surprised that David didn’t point out that he is 0% homosexual. Hmmm…

So how does finding out that David Eason is black affect your opinion of him? (I really don’t want to clarify that I’m joking, but this is the internet, so… I’m joking.)

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