Jenelle Evans suffered miscarriage in April, got pregnant again thanks to ‘cheap’ condom

Jenelle Evans pregnant gender reveal

On Wednesday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans confirmed that she is currently pregnant with a little girl, and that her baby is due on January 28. The due date had many confused because a reliable source first reported Jenelle’s pregnancy on May 14 — which could have meant Jenelle was only one week along at the time. Today Jenelle shed some light on the confusing timeline by revealing that she suffered a miscarriage in April.

Jenelle tells Us Weekly that she first found out she was pregnant after seeing an endocrinologist in April for the mystery illness that landed her an appearance on The Doctors. “I was really, really confused because I was seeing an endocrinologist for my health issues I’ve been having, and she told me that she did blood tests on me to check everything out,” Jenelle says. “She wasn’t even trying to check for pregnancy.”

That revelation from her endocinologist came just a few days before the Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping in Los Angeles in late April. While Jenelle was in Los Angeles, she began to experience bleeding and decided to get back in touch with The Doctors‘ Dr. Peter Weiss for his diagnosis.

“I had an appointment with him while I was in L.A. for the reunion, and I said, ‘Look, my endocrinologist says I’m pregnant, now I’m bleeding, I need to know what’s up,’” Jenelle recounts. “And he was like, ‘Well, we did an ultrasound, we did a urine sample and we did a blood test. Everything is coming back that you’re not pregnant.’”

After Jenelle returned home to North Carolina, at some point it was confirmed that she had been pregnant. (It’s unclear how that was confirmed.) “So actually instead of it being my period I [thought I] had, I guess [it was] a miscarriage the month before I even got pregnant,” Jenelle reveals. “And that’s when everyone thought I was pregnant at first.”

So how did the next pregnancy happen so quickly? From Us Weekly:

Evans told Us that she was off birth control because of her endocrinologist’s orders and said she got pregnant while using protection, but one condom was “cheap” and burst.

Jenelle didn’t reveal when she first found about about her current pregnancy.

OK, so based on what Jenelle is saying, here is the timeline:

April 18ish – Jenelle finds out from her endocrinologist that she is pregnant.

April 23-24Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping in Los Angeles. Jenelle Evans is experiencing bleeding and meets with The Doctors‘ Dr. Peter Weiss. Jenelle is told that she is not pregnant.

Late April/Early May – Jenelle finds out from her endocrinologist that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.

May 2-13 – According to multiple online conception calculators, based on Jenelle’s due date of January 28, she most likely conceived during this time via the “cheap” condom that burst.

Jenelle Evans pregnant Target photo from May 2016

May 13A fan photo of Jenelle at a North Carolina Target store (above) surfaces online in which she appears to be sporting a baby bump.

May 13The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirms rumors that Jenelle is currently pregnant.

May 13 – August 24 – Jenelle adamantly denies being pregnant.

August 24Jenelle announces she is pregnant with a gender reveal photo shoot with David Eason.

Glad we got that all cleared up!

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