Jenelle Evans is back on Twitter and back with Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans is back on Twitter and as fierce as ever explaining to her follows why she has once again returned to the hoodie-sleeved arms of one Kieffer Delp.

Here is the latest in the seemingly endless on-again, off-again romance. Hit it Jenieffer!

In summary:

Jenelle was discouraged, alone, single and just wanted to sleep. But then again she still loves Kieffer who at first doesn’t believe her. Then she assures Delp of her love no matter what. The two have that “special connection” and we should all give Delp a 2nd chance since Jenelle was afforded one.

Delp is out of jail, makes $4,000 a month, has a ride, is clean from drug abuse and starting college in the fall. Jenelle understands that if either one of them mess up again that they weren’t meant to be even though they have “that connection.” And perhaps most shocking is that Barbara is okay with Kieffer being back in Jenelle and Jace’s life!

And all of that went down in the Twitter span of 3 hours.

And this picture has been making the rounds online recently featuring Jenelle and Kieffer together. Fans have pointed out that Jenelle appears to have the large key tattoo on her forearm that she got earlier this month, which would seem to prove this photo was taken very recently.

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Are Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp dating again?
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