AUDIO Bill Cosby makes bizarre statements about “that rape thing”

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Just-released audio outtakes from a fairly recent interview show troubled comedian Bill Cosby going off on a strange tangent about rape and molestation. The comments came before the recent Cosby controversy broke, but well after Cosby had committed the acts his alleged victims accuse him of.

Filmmaker Cassidy McMillan interviewed Bill Cosby in 2011 for her forthcoming documentary Bullies and Friends. Cosby has been an outspoken anti-bullying crusader for most of his career. But his on-the-record comments took a sharp detour from McMillan’s questions during their time together, and McMillan has made the audio available.

Here’s the full clip. (Note that Cosby’s voice sounds a bit higher than usual because of the recording equipment and the audio compression. It gets closer to normal about one minute in.) Via Radar Online:



McMillan herself was taken aback by Cosby’s deviation from both the intended topic of their conversation and from the tangent he had already been on. He was discussing a group of men who’d assaulted an eleven-year-old girl in Texas, and his comments veered from there.

“It was supposed to be an innocuous interview,” McMillan says. “Instead, it turned into something else with Mr. Cosby offering varied statements and stories about rape.”

Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual misconduct ranging from fondling to outright rape by forty-five different women. No charges have been brought against him in criminal court, and Cosby and his lawyers have denied all allegations vigorously.


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