Michael Abraham and Courtland Rogers enter the Twitter Thunderdome

Michael Abraham Courtland Rogers feud on Twitter Thunderdome photo

The drama fallout continues after Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen invited Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers to attend her wedding to Dr. David. Courtland and his wife Lindsey responded at length after Farrah called Courtland a “habitual criminal” and “unsafe for kids” on the show, and now Courtland is coming for Farrah’s dad Michael! And Michael is ready for battle!

The epic Twitter Thunderdome match is still going on as Courtland and Mike (and eventually Courtland’s pregnant wife Lindsey as well) have gone back and forth doling out punches of 280 characters or less for seven hours now. Courtland threw the first punch, and it’s not exactly clear what set him off. Perhaps it was Michael’s reaction to Courtland’s most recent arrest? Either way, here is how Courtland rang the bell to start the match:

@ekimabraham so u thought it was ok 2 disrespect my name NATIONALLY? people like u keep my name relevant? I just don’t get how u think your OPINION MATTERS WHEN IT COMES 2 ur EX WIFES decisions on ANYTHING! u had ur chance & u fuc&ed it up!U SUCK OLD MAN! LEAVE ME BE. #PoorDebra

That is what is referred to in the boxing world as “coming out swinging!” I will just step out of the way at this point and let these gentlemen (and lady) fight it out:

MIKE: What’s your point? Your facts are out there by civil organizations. If you don’t want to be disrespected live by the law of the land. Also your past your time even being considered relevant because you never have been. PS you best think twice before you think I’m an old man lol!

COURTLAND: Think twice? just because u prey on young innocent women doesn’t mean u aren’t OLD AS FU&K! Look just next time have respect for someone WHO HAS BEEN THRU HELL & BACK due to this stupid TEEN MOM Mess! U don’t kno WHAT I HAVE BEEN THRU & a REAL MAN WOULD UNDERSTAND THAT OLD OR NOT

MIKE: Cortland your not the only one that’s been through hell&back.Also I don’t prey on anyone …good try but that did not work. If you want me to respect you-earn it by staying clean Also getting in social media trying to debate me won’t do it. @starcasm @OKMagazine @TeenMomGossip

COURTLAND: Well why did u haveeeeee to throw ur 2 cents about me in when they filmed that episode?HAVE U EVER MET ME? NO! DO U KNOW WHAT I HAVE BEEN THRU? NO! Do u have any right to judge me?NO! Do u need to apologize to me? YES! GOOD DAY MICHAEL !!!

Michael Abraham Courtland Rogers tweets

MIKE: The reason you don’t “get it” is because your immature. Yes there’s hope for you but mouth off to me does not help you. You take care and focus on being a responsible person to your family. @starcasm @OKMagazine @peoplestyle

COURTLAND: Why tag OK MAGAZINE? Smh. U ARE ONE OF THOSE GUYS HUH NEED ALL THE HELP IN ORDER TO GET THOSE FOLLOWERS UP!! ALL I ASKED WAS NEXT TIME U ARE ON TV MESSAGE UR EX WIFE & get the truth on the Man U are disrespecting before u open your mouth ABOUT ME because SHE will tell u WHO I AM

COURTLAND: PS.. U can have My 65,200 followers. I DON’T need them anyway! U HAVE been on Teen Mom for 9 years yet ONLY HAVE 20,000 yet I’m so IRRELEVANT AND HAVE 65,000? where is ur BLUE check mark? Maybe next time u can tell the world how U HURT UR FAMILY BACK THEN #OldManWithTeenFetishes

MIKE: Cortland you are so nieve aren’t you! I don’t have to ask Debra for nothing. I work on facts not what other people “feel” about someone. Good improve yourself and have a good life – that is what you should be focusing on.


COURTLAND: Yes it is what I should b focusing on !!! But I have fake people like u that HAVE TO TRY SO HARD TO DOWN ANOTHER TO BRING THEMSELVES UP

MIKE: I only stated tweeter the last 6 months and I don’t care how many followers I have lol! But you do! Lol !

COURTLAND: I do? Old Man U HAD 2 tag magazines & sh!t talkin back 2 me like u needed help backin up ur smart remarks! LOL. Who cares about ANYTHING U SAY OR DO U AS WELL AS UR DAUGHTER CAN KISS TEEN MOM GOODBYE ? should of taught ur daughter how 2 BE A REAL WOMEN u could of saved UR CAREER

MIKE: We elected to kiss them good bye months ago … and Courtland I’ll debate you anytime … anywhere because even after I wished you well .. your foolish brain wants to keep going off??? Don’t you get it … go have a nice day lol!

LINDSEY: Lol yeah right…she got fired plain and simple! Nice try bud. Tagging magazines like that shows how thirsty you are! The way you treat Deb you should be ashamed of your self…smh

COURTLAND: Don’t let this stress u and our unborn son… remember BUB …. INHALE in .. hold it …. EXHALE out ? THIS GUY LIVES TO DESTROY JUST LIKE HIS PERFECT DAUGHTER .. we have to remember that this is the type of people we pray to god to help heal at night time

LINDSEY: Lol babe someone like that isn’t stressing me out…he’s the one who’s probably stressing cuz he doesn’t have his wh0re daughter supplying the $$$

LINDSEY: Yeah I know babes…but he has no room to speak. He has never met you and assumes sh*t like his daughter. He has NO room to open his mouth when the world has seen her privates and gets fired publicly for her behavior towards others!

MIKE: Lindsey I do have room to speak when it’s about protecting my granddaughter. Also Courtland … if you had respect you would spell God with a capital “G”… you did not above.

LINDSEY: Lol try harder buddy don’t come at me like that and protect your granddaughter? I don’t see how with a mother like she has! She acts just like her mother and I know Deb did not raise her like that! Caps or not God loves him let’s not get on that subject.

TWEETER: ??????? Michael is a joke along with his daughter


TWEETER: 100% id like to knock em out

MIKE: Ah did you say you want to assault me and my daughter??

TWEETER: Your dumb Michael get off Twitter and get a real job since you don’t have mtv money anymore! Stop being a child

MIKE: I’ve had my own business since 2000…. and also work fir other companies and never needed any MTV money lol!

@Mama…: By the way it’s not illegal to want to assault someone… it’s illegal to go threw with it. Lol

MIKE: Mama whoever you are …. it’s called a threat and your not an attorney or judge… stick with the facts not your opinion.

TWEETER: ??? you and your facts Michael

MIKE: Your right… facts not BS

COURTLAND: I will b the BIGGER MAN HERE Michael… seeing u disrespect ur OWN FAMILY is one thing just like u disrespecting me is one thing but now it’s going to far my wife @GypsyLindz31 doesn’t need to b getting worked up like this at 39 weeks pregnant cause of some OLD disrespectful FU&K

Courtland’s tweet was from just minutes ago, so it could be that this Celebrity Twitter Death Match will continue. If that’s the case, I will try to update the post, although I must confess I have other things to do. 😉

Well, that didn’t take long…


MIKE: Ok surprise I’m a bigger man than you know. Apologies to your wife I did not know she was pregnant. Maybe she should not engage social media for her well being.. no matter what what your trying to paint me as it’s not correct. Please go care for your family.

MIKE: @GypsyLindz31 Well Fact… document fact Debra modeled that behavior and caused her to be the troubled person she has been working to change from. Farrah will break that cycle and yes Sophia will overcome what her mother Farrah has had to deal with. FACTS DOCUMENTED FACTS

LINDSEY: It’s takes 2! Or wait weren’t you out cheating?? Your own daughter doesn’t even call you dad she calls you by your name! Don’t put all the blame on Deb

COURTLAND: U and ur daughter deserve each other I CAN SEE NOW THAT U HONESTLY ARE HER BIGGEST OCCUPATIONAL SUPPORTER?u sick minded a** father I would b throwing up if I was able to check ur search history on ur MacBook huh??? ?

COURTLAND: Don’t talk about DEBRA @ddanielsen OR MY WIFE @GypsyLindz31 anymore tonight Michael I have asked u politely man I told u … ok u win ….but please don’t disrespect ANYONE else due to what u and I had started with each other man that’s not even right and they don’t deserve that

COURTLAND: Do u even know what GOD IS Michael and I’m sorry I was so mad at the time for seeing u slander me nationally on MTV that I wasn’t worried bout anything other than letting u know how I felt old man

COURTLAND: What does a capital G mean to me?I don’t see how a capital letter had anything to do with GOD. GOD is everywhere .. god is in everything .. well except u and ur daughter of course but still Jesus Christ is the name that should ALWAYS BE CAPITALIZED U DUMMIE! Try me with god smh

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