Jenelle Evans breaks up with boyfriend Gary Head after finding out he slept with her ex bff Tori

Teen Mom jenelle Evans and Marine boyfriend Gary Head kissing

It seemed like things were really coming together for Teen Mom 2 drama magnet Jenelle Evans. She recently had the cyberstalking charges filed by her former boss James Duffy dropped, which meant she had no pending court cases for the first time in forever, and only has to remain free of an legal issues until April 15, when her probation period ends and she will be completely free and clear.

And her personal life had seemingly taken a drastic turn for the better as she was finally able to leave the trouble-making drifter Kieffer Delp behind before finding stability with Marine beau Gary Head. But this weekend, just after celebrating their four month anniversary with a candlelight dinner and then attending church together Sunday morning, things took a dramatic turn for the worse for Jenary when someway, somehow (not via Gary) Jenelle found out he had slept with Jenelle’s former best friend, Victoria “Tori” Rhyne, prior to dating Jenelle.

During the argument that ensued, Gary made the heated statement that he would do everything in his power to ensure Jenelle never gets custody of Jace, and after that there was no turning back for Jenelle. Here is how she summed up the falling out on Facebook:

yes its true what i posted on twitter. its not an april fool’s joke. me and gary literally just brokeup an hour ago. i dumped him becuz he got mad and said he is going to try anything possible to make sure i dont get custody of jace back. so everything he posts on fb and twitter is just all bullsh!t becuz he is mad im leaving him. :/ marines are TOO STRICT. i found out the hard way. :[

And the drama also played out on Twitter, with both Jenelle and Gary offering up their takes on the falling out. (Gary even revealed that he planned on proposing to Jenelle on his birthday, May 22!)

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Gary Head break up tweets

UPDATE – A few hours ago, things seemed to take a turn for the positive for Jenary! Check out these tweets by Gary, concluding with a screen cap of a texting conversation with Jenelle that appears to indicate the two are back together! (As long as Gary obeys Jenelle’s rules.)

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans anf boyfriend Gary Head appear to reconcile and get back together on Twitter

*** It should be noted that all of this did go down on April Fool’s Day, and Jenelle does seem to have a sense of humor about that sort of thing. But, it seems unlikely that Jenelle and Gary would be able to rope in Tori on the prank after she infuriated Jenelle just last week for what Jenelle called “selling me out once again” by talking with the tabloids. And Tori was definitely roped in to the breakup drama, posting numerous responses to comments on Twitter in an attempt to clarify that her hook up with Gary happened before he started dating Jenelle:

Victoria Rhyne tweets about Jenelle Evans and Gary Head's reported breakup

Whether all of this drama is real or not, it’s just further evidence that Jenelle Evans needs her own show! 25% of one reality show is not enough!