Dr. Karent Sierra joins cast of Real Housewives of Miami

Dentist karent Sierra

Bravo has been in full on makeover mode for their underachieving Real Housewives of Miami. It’s pretty much a reboot as the network has recast a majority of the main players for the franchise that had suffered from a lack of talent in South Beach.

One of the recent additions is seriously hot dentist, Karent Sierra. She’s a former beauty queen but none of her beauty is former lemme tell ya’! She was spotted out recently taping the show with other new additions Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein. Here’s a photo of Karent with Lisa at The 2012 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament (Dr. K is on the left).

Karent Sierra and Lisa Hochstein Real housewives of Miami

While the show is part of the Housewives franchise, Karent is not married. The good doctor specializes in aesthetic dentistry because we’re talkin’ about Miami here – you got to look good. She’s the bosslady of Sierra Dentistry out of Coral Gables, here’s a brief explanation of her business via the official website:

Dr. Karent SierraDr. Karent Sierra and our team want to give you and your loved ones a reason to smile every day. When you visit Sierra Dentistry, expect the royal treatment. Our dental practice is designed to make you feel confident and comfortable. We use state-of-the-art technology, digital X-rays, and intraoral video camera in order to educate our patients correctly and for minimally-invasive clinical dentistry. During your visits, you can enjoy spa amenities, such as our dental chair with back massage, a paraffin hand wax, personal iPod, or your favorite movie with our noise-reducing headphones and overhead flat screen.

Everything about that sounds way better than my dentist. Here’s an introductory video in which you get to meet Dr. Sierra in an intimate way, but not in the intimate way you’d probably like to.

I can’t believe I’ve enjoyed talking about a dentist this much. Anywho… So why is Karent putting herself out there and appearing on the show that opens the floodgate for h8rs? The Miami Herald caught up with her at an event and she explained that she wanted to, “prove to viewers that not all the women on these shows are classless fame addicts with low IQs and Botox for brains.”

As I mentioned Karent was a former beauty queen and a pretty succesful one at that as she finished first runner-up in the 1993 Miss Florida USA pageant. She’s also a spokesperson for Colgate. You can keep current with Dr. Karent and her pearly whites via her Twitter account here or her official Facebook page here.

Dentist Karent Sierra of The Real Housewives of Miami

Of course when it comes to the RHOM what really matters is what Mama Elsa Patton thinks of you. I guess we’ll find that out soon enough.