Christmas photos of the ‘real’ stars of Teen Mom 2

We hope everybody out there in the world of the interwebs is having a happy holidays. I had a good one, well with my 3-year-old daughter, family and a world of Strawberry Shortcake, a good and tired one. Seeing my lil’ bean on Christmas morning made it all worth it of course and it looks like the real stars of Teen Mom 2, Ali, Aleeah, Aubree, Isaac and Jace have had themselves a good one too.

Tis the season for sharing so I thought I’d share some photos that Chelsea, Kail, Leah and Jenelle were kind enough to post up to their Twitter accounts of their little ones partaking in the festivities and the fun with jolly ol’ St. Nick.

First up we have Jenelle’s little man Jace as he steals the spotlight from Santa:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' son Jace for Christmas 2011

I love the little kicks and the fact that Mr. Claus looks a little intimidated by what Jace may have just asked for.

Next up are Leah’s twins Aleeah and Aliannah. They too let Santa have it, keeping the bearded one busy, busy, busy.

Teen Mom Leah Simms' twins Ali and Aleeah Christmas 2011

Ali looked like she was chillin’ but I thin Aleeah just wanted her mommy 🙂

Next up is Kailyn and her fashion mogul son Isaac.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's son Isaac Christmas 2011

We see Isaac with mommy and daddy getting his gifts on and then a very happy looking young man on the right as Kail captioned that image with, “Happy baby!” It’s good to see both Joe and Kailyn together sharing that moment with their son.

Last but certainly not least is little Aubree Skye who let mommy Chelsea do her hair from this pic posted on Christmas Eve.

Chelsea had a visit from two friends who spent the special morning with her and Aubree after she tweeted the following, “Excited to watch Aubs open her gifts from Santa 2moro! But I do wish I had some1 to share that great feeling with. For now it’s just me & her.” That is what being a friend is all about!

I hope your holidays went as well as the real stars of Teen Mom 2 did! If their mommys are anything like me they’re still trying to catch up.

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