Jenelle Eason and Kailyn Lowry tussle over Teen Mom 2 BTS Moments episode

Jenelle and Kail feud over Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments wedding scenes tweets

MTV aired a “Teen Mom 2‘s Biggest Behind the Scenes Moments” special Monday night, and show stars Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Eason took to Twitter to look back on their time as reality stars and reflect on how they hav—

Nope, they got into a smack talkin’ Twitter row.

Kail was live tweeting the episode, and her comments started off innocently enough:

Kail Lowry Unseen Moments Tweets

But then, after arguing with someone about whether or not she had it out for Briana DeJesus from the get go, Kail offered up this observation:

Kail Lowry Jenelle's wedding tweet

I assume that remark was in reference to footage of Jenelle’s wedding with David Eason. But, it’s not important what I think, it’s important what Jenelle thinks — and what Jenelle thinks is pretty obvious given her response:

Jenelle and Kail's Twitter fight over Jenelle's sh*t show wedding

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy: “Well, that escalated quickly!”

Perhaps weary from her recent Twitter spat with Briana DeJesus, Kail didn’t engage Jenelle publicly. However, She did provide an eye roll response to someone who warned Kail she might be getting another cease and desist letter soon:

Kailyn Lowry Jenelle cease and desist letter

I joked in the opening paragraph about Kail and Jenelle being inspired by the special to reflect on their time on the show and how their lives were impacted so immensely when they signed on for the second season of 16 and Pregnant. As it turns out, that wasn’t just a joke set up — at least not for Kail. She offered up her take on the whole experience in a series of tweets:

Sitting here watching the behind the scenes sh!t makes me really think about how weird my life is. And how differently everyone really lives

I’ve been on tv for almost 10 years and i don’t know where i would be if i never signed a contract. Probably a more similar path to my mother

So as crazy as it can be, thanks for the opportunity… which ultimately made me want to work for even more (other) opportunities @MTV

A follower replied, suggesting that it is time for Kail to grow from the experience. “Get into journalism, continue with your podcast, host shows or events,” she tweeted. “You’ve def outgrown trash tv. The boys deserve better, and so do you. Don’t limit yourself to MTV.”

Kail responded: “I’m working towards other things always.”

One Twitter user seemingly overacted to Kail’s comments and asked incredulously: “Wait are you leaving Teen Mom 2? ?”

Kail assured her that was not the case — to her knowledge at least. “Not that i know of! lol. Just tweeting my thoughts after watching tonight!”

I really thought Kail’s comments showed maturity, humility, and perspective. These Teen Mom stars began at such a young age and have known nothing other than being celebrities in the spotlight ever since. It is really mind boggling for me to try to imagine where Kail (or Catelynn, or Leah, or Jenelle, or Farrah, or Amber, or…) would be now if they hadn’t been on the show (for better or worse), so I cannot conceive what it must be like for them when they truly wrestle with that concept! It’s nice to hear Kail talk about it so honestly.

Meanwhile, speaking of talking honestly, Jenelle had a big announcement to make after lashing out at her co-star. “Davids getting a Twitter y’all,” she tweeted, adding the ??‍♀️ emoji. Well alright!

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