Jenelle Eason and sister-in-law Jessica Eason reignite feud with aliases, pants poopin’ and more FULL RECAP

Jenelle Evans Jessica Eason feud mugshots mud duck

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues her tried and untrue method of defending herself by trying to make others seem worse, this time reigniting her feud with her husband David Eason’s sister Jessica Eason.

I realize these comprehensive feud recap posts can be a bit daunting, so here is the bullet point TL;DR for you:

• Jessica seemingly started things with a tweet last week stating that her mom watches Jenelle and David’s kids a lot, and that if Jenelle and David split, she would certainly lose custody of her children

• David’s Facebook account posts Jessica’s mug shot photo from her arrest on Monday and calls her a “f**king crack head” (It is later revealed that Jenelle is posting on David’s account because her account is currently prevented from posting.)

• Jessica lashes back at Jenelle by suggesting she may still be using heroin. She also shares a couple stories, including a claim that Jenelle once left Ensley alone in a hot car, and another tale about the time Jenelle pooped her pants and didn’t even know.

• Jessica accuses Jenelle of spreading “horrible lies” about her using the alias Jessica Jones.

• Jenelle states via David’s Facebook page that Jessica’s family has cut her off completely and that she lives on people’s couches.

On with the most recent update — in full detail!

After months of public peace between the two ladies, war broke out again this week after Jessica was arrested and charged with felony drug possession on Monday. Jessica explained her side of things online, revealing that the arrest stemmed from a court appearance a while back (for failure to appear on a traffic citation) in which she was searched entering the court house and was found in possession of an Adderal pill. Jessica says she has a prescription, but a warrant was later issued for her arrest because the pill was not in the bottle. Jessica was stopped by a police officer who had run her plates and saw the outstanding warrant — which Jessica says she didn’t know about. She adds that she has since presented the court with paperwork proving she has a prescription, which should hopefully clear everything up.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s arrest inspired a post on David Eason’s Facebook page. (I phrase it like that because Jenelle is apparently in Facebook jail right now and is currently posting on David’s Facebook page.) The post included a screen shot of Jessica’s mug shot photo and arrest details along with this message:

For all of you HATERS who listen to Jessica’s bullsh!t. Well here she is in the country jail on charges of being a f**king crack head. So there you go, THIS IS WHY I HAVENT TALKED TO HER IN 2 YEARS. This is why she makes up lies and slander about me because nobody will help her support her drug habit. I dont associate with drug addicts no matter if they’re family or not, they can never be trusted! The end.

[In case you were reading too fast and missed it, Jenelle says she doesn’t “associate with drug addicts no matter if they’re family or not, they can never be trusted!” I just wanted to emphasize that part because I am sure it will be quoted a million times in the future.]

Jenelle’s post via David’s Facebook page (Jenavid?) wasn’t completely out of the blue, however. Jessica responded to a hatter tweet last week asking if her and David’s mom helps take care of Jenlle and David’s kids often. “Yes, she sure does…” Jessica replied. “If she had those kids without David and mama helping her, she wouldn’t have them for long.. and if they split up, she will lose them all.. I’m not arguing this point w/ anyone.. if you don’t believe that, too bad.. idc.”

Fast forward to Tuesday, and someone tweets at Jessica with a screen cap of the post on David’s Facebook page. Jessica doesn’t seem to pick up on the fact that it probably wasn’t David who actually wrote the post when she fires back her angry responses:

This liar right here… I had adderall in my pocket instead of in it’s original container. I have to show proof in court today. That’s it!! Unlike him and his nasty b!tch of a wife! Im not defending him anymore. That’s it! Grow up David!

It must suck to be such a loser that you have to relentlessly stalk your sister to find something to take the attention off yourself and your wh0re!

Ive done nothing but stick up for him! I love him so much. I see my little baby brother when i look at him. It’s hard to say mean things about him. But look how easy it is for him to do this! And call me names like that!!

Things then take an odd turn as Jessica Eason accuses Jenelle Eason of spreading lies about her under the alias of Jessica Jones. Wait, what?

Jessica Eason Facebook post about Jenelle using the Jessica Jones alias

Jessica shared the Marvel alias allegations on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The post inspired this interaction on Facebook in which Jessica entertains the notion of giving Jenelle a dose of her own medicine by sending her a cease and desist letter:

COMMENTER 1: You should send her a cease and desist ?

JESSICA: If it was free, i would..!

COMMENTER 2: Ill pay for it. They are f**king psychos. Im so disgusted that MTV has not stepped in and done something to protect those poor babies.

JESSICA: let’s do it !

COMMENTER 2: dm me. Let me know the cost and I can work something out.

Jenelle returns to David’s Facebook page for a lengthy retort:

Jessica Eason I’m telling you right now if Jenelle has something to say about you she will post it online publicly… shes not going to take the time out of her day to make a fake Facebook page to bash someone when I can simply post it here. You were just arrested the other day for a felony cuz of unprescribed adderall so maybe its making you extra paranoid, lol. You need some serious help and focus on getting custody back of all 5 of your kids.

Everyone is sick of you living at their houses and complaining to us about you and your f**ked up husband. You dirty their house and sleep on couches… what kind of life is that ? Get a job… oh yeah you cant.. just got a felony AND you got fired from the medical field? I hope no one hires you anytime soon.

Jessica’s response:

Im not in that situation ^ she’s an effin liar!

And the day u brought Ensley to see us.. U left her in the hot ass car.. Talking about, “it’s ok, she’s asleep”.. Wtf really?! Your shoes hanging off your feet, looking like u didnt even know where u were! You dont care about ya kids! All u care about is a man and drugs!Sleeping on people’s couches.. Wow. This is more than i can process, Jenelle! How about u and i meet up somewhere so we can talk about things.. U dont have anything else to do.. Surely u can put your heroin down for 20 minutes. I just wanna talk!

All those”mysterious” sicknesses.. Chills, restless legs, cant get up to tend to your poor kids, that’s called WITHDRAWALS. What kind of ‘mom’ treats her kids as sh!tty as u do? The kind that only had kids for money! If MTV didnt need them, they would have been aborted too! POS

Did u see the tantrum she threw bc she went to the doc and they wouldnt give her pain pills? She was going thru withdrawls from opiates and heroin! And as fat and sloppy and she is, she’s most likely still on it!

And the day u brought Ensley to see us.. U left her in the hot ass car.. Talking about, “it’s ok, she’s asleep”.. Wtf really?! Your shoes hanging off your feet, looking like u didnt even know where u were! You dont care about ya kids! All u care about is a man and drugs!

Jenelle then clarified that it was her writing on David’s Facebook page before referencing her ex Kieffer Delp’s meth arrest earlier this year:

David Eason Jenelle Facebook posts including Kieffer Delp meth arrest reference

Jessica responds with another story claiming that Jenelle once pooped her pants and didn’t even know. (Perhaps that is where “Mud duck” came from?)

Wtf is that hollie b**** saying i started all this!?!? Omg i wanna take a damn fire torch and just blow away these idiots!

I really cant believe ive kept this to myself.. Jenelle sh!t in her pants and was actually walking around my house with SH!T in her pants and she didnt even know!!! I finally had to tell her before she sat down on my couch! She ended up getting mad and ran into the ditch leaving!

About a yr and a half ago

What an effin moron… And i NEVER start this dumb s###! Like i said, she starts it, then when i retaliate, she gets mad! Like wth? Does she think im not gonna say anything back?? She’s lucky i have kids or she would be in NHRMC in critical care!

Jessica shared a photo showing that she has a similar medical assistant certification to what Jenelle earned at Miller-Motte:

Jessica Eason Jenelle Evans medical assistant certification

Jenelle responded by tweeting: “You mean the job you got fired from from catching larceny, assault, and now drugs? Lol right.”

A commenter on Jenavid’s Facebook account warned: “When he and Jenelle split up he will wish he had his family.” The account responded: “My entire family has cut off my sister and blocked her from their lives.”

The familial ostracizing must have been very recent because Jessica shared this photo with the fam on April 21:

OK, that should get you all caught up for now! For the full Jenelle and Jessica feud history, which could easily be adapted into a pretty great screenplay for a movie, here are the links with brief summaries of each chapter:

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The gals post each other’s phone numbers online, Jenelle brings up Jessica’s son with Cerebral Palsy, and we have the first use of the term “Mud Duck.”

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Jenelle and Jessica Feud Part Four
Maryssa’s mom Whitney attempts to join in (on Jessica’s side), Jenelle’s PR Twitter account accuses Whitney of drug abuse and having sex with “old guys” for money, and Jessica says Maryssa did not write the loving Mother’s Day note posted by Jenelle on Instagram.

Jenelle and Jessica Feud Part Five
Jessica calls a cease fire and explains her reason: “im trying to please my parents and the rest of my family!”

Jenelle and Jessica Feud Part Six
Jessica attacks Jenelle for being a s|ut and having so many abortions. An excerpt: “[Jenelle] talks sh!t bc I have a lot of kids. Well that’s bc I don’t do abortions.. That b!tch dunnen bought 1000 shares in 25 abortion clinics, got her own bedroom at half of them w her name on the headboard, they know her by name when she walks in…”

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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