Leah Messer explains that extremely messy garage photo

Leah Messer messy garage photo

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is defending herself after a photo taken by a neighbor’s relative surfaced online earlier this week showing the reality star’s garage overflowing with clothes and other items.

Here is the original photo with a bit of the bottom cropped off:

Leah Messer messy garage with clothes

“What the hell is wrong with you and your house?” someone on Twitter asked Leah. “I thought you were sober???”
Leah explained: “I was simply going through all of my stuff to hold a yard sale since the weather is breaking. That’s all.”

Here are some photos of Leah’s home with a much cleaner garage from the previous season of Teen Mom 2:

Leah Messer's house picture from Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer house photo

In addition to Leah’s response, photos later surfaced of the interior of Leah’s house on The Star Glam–a site run by the person in charge of Jenelle Evans’ new website–which show an organized and neat home. “Leah was doing spring cleaning and purging all of the girls closets and drawers of old clothing,” a “source inside of the home” told The Star Glam. The source explained that Leah and her sister left to go tanning for a few minutes, during which time Leah’s brother-in-law left the garage door open — and that’s when the neighbor took the photo.

That might explain the messy garage, but after Leah confirmed that the photo was, in fact, her house, she has many wondering about the validity of her neighbor’s other comments prior to posting the photo.

Here is the conversation that lead up to the photo with, the neighbor’s relative’s comments in bold:
Leah is batsh!t crazy. She lives across the street from my mom and she’s way more of a hot mess than she shows.
Seriously?! She’s went downhill. I don’t even get how she can claim she doesn’t pop pills.

Yep. She always has an INSANE amount of trash outside her house, she doesn’t watch her kid, and she had a cute little kitten that she would put outside and it got hit by a car.

And the other day she was walking a puppy with her youngest and her daughter just squatted and peed in the yard!
By watching her last season I could totally see this.

And her boyfriend that she’s been supposedly broken up with is still living with her and he’s such a loser. They were filming last weekend and he left while they were there lol.
I just remember how disgusting her vehicle was….I can’t imagine a decent man getting with her after watching her filthy lifestyle.

OMG, I have a picture of her garage. I need to find it.

Although you apparently won’t be seeing all that Leah’s neighbor allegedly sees, you can check out quite a bit of Leah’s life when she and the other Teen Mom 2 stars return for a new season March 21 at 10/9c on MTV.