Is Omarion really the father of Apryl Jones’ son?

Apryl and Omarion

Omarion and long time love Apryl Jones welcomed their first child in August. While they have been spending the last couple months bonding with their baby boy Megaa, a new report claims the couple may be on the outs after the issue of paternity has been raised.

Omarion Baby Pic

According to Media Takeout, Omarion’s mom, Leslie Burrell (pictured below), has been questioning if Megaa is actually Omarion’s child. An insider claims Leslie has gone as far as to say the baby looks bi-racial and made a point to bring up Apryl’s ex who is Mexican.

Leslie Burrell

Prompted by his mom’s meddling accusations, Omarion asked Apryl for a paternity test. Apparently, his request didn’t go over so well because “Apryl was offended . . . she started crying and carrying on. After Apryl calmed down Omarion asked again and she still said no.”

The source claims as a result of Apryl’s unwillingness to do a DNA test, Omarion has ended their relationship.

The report goes on to say much of this drama was caught on camera and will be featured later this season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

Despite the nasty rumors and rumblings of a spilt, the couple seem to be truckin’ along just fine. In fact, Omarion shared this picture on September 21st of Apryl’s new ink with the caption, “Bound by ink”.

Apryl Jones O Tattoo

Apryl returned the favor when she posted this pic the same day of Omarion’s newest tattoo (and yes, her name is spelled differently from how we are used to seeing it…)

Omarion A Tattoo

Then on September 29th, Omarion shared this pic of his family.

Omarion Family

But, within the last day, Omarion posted these ominous tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.09.28 AM

Could the tweets be about Apryl?

I think Snoop Dogg, of all people, said it best. Check out this hilarious yet insightful clip from the Doggy Dog himself!


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