Is Lamar Odom in rehab?

Lamar Odom Rehab Questions

On Wednesday night, we relayed People‘s report that Lamar Odom had voluntarily checked himself into an undisclosed rehab facility for drug and alcohol addiction.

Generally, People is considered the best source for entertainment news. However, other media outlets immediately began reporting that Lamar was not actually in rehab. According to TMZ, Lamar was no longer in treatment by Thursday morning.

People followed up on the story and reported on Thursday night that Lamar had been in rehab — but checked himself out after just one day.

If the story is confusing to us, imagine how difficult it is for Lamar’s wife, Khloe Kardashian. According to TMZ, Khloe’s been “totally in the dark” after giving her husband an ultimatum: Go to rehab or we’re getting divorced.

Unfortunately, the current reports all seem to agree that Lamar is not in rehab.

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