Is Betty White going to be a grandma on ‘Gossip Girl?’

Actress Betty White arrives as a guest for the Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World gala in New York

Betty White train boarding, all aboard!  In yet another piece of you can’t stop Betty White news it looks like she may be targeted to become part of the cast of Gossip Girl, the uber-popular teen series on the CW.  So how on earth can Betty White strut her stuff on a show about privileged Upper East Side Manhattan kids?  Well show creator Stephanie Savage certainly sees a place.

As reported by HollywoodLife Savage said when asked about the possibility of using White’s dusty muffins:

“We still do have a couple of grandparents to cast!”

TV shows are always in search of the next big thing, and Betty White is a regenerated super-star having recently owned Saturday Night Live and been all the rave in her Snickers commercial spots.  Speaking at the Gracie Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif. Savage went even further with her hopes and aspirations for Gossip Girl.

“This is just my imagination, but I’d love to do a crossover with Mad Men where we met one of the relatives of our young character back in the ‘60s.”

Betty White and Mad Men, you have to give it to Stephanie she sets the bar high.  And what of the cliff-hanging season finale of GG and Mr. Chuck Bass?  The door was certainly opened for a Bass return after he went and got himself all shot up.

“We wanted to do something to Chuck that was going to be a real game changer, so IF he comes back in the fall we can assume that he’s going to be kind of a changed man.”

There you go Gossip Girl fans, from Betty White, to Mad Men, to a Chuck Bass return this should be enough to keep your GG fires burning until the show starts up again.