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Bryiana Noelle and Rob Dyrdek wedding photos

Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness star Rob Dyrdek is a married man! The 41-year-old skater turned reality star married his fiancee, 24-year-old model Bryiana Noelle Flores, in California earlier today -- less than five months after Rob's headline-making over-the-top Disney proposal. Keep reading to see the very first photos from the wedding, including Rob and Bryiana as husband and wife!

PHOTOS Rob Dyrdek’s epic proposal to fiancee Bryiana Noelle

Ridiculousness host Rob Dyrdek put the "pro" in proposal this weekend as he surprised his girlfriend, former Playboy Playmate of the Month Bryiana Noelle, by sneaking away during a live Aladdin production only to return astride an elephant! And it only gets better from there! Keep reading for both Rob's and Bryiana's recap of the event in pictures and big-hearted, wonderfully gooberish commentary. :)

Chanel West Coast’s ‘Bass in the Trunk’ music video directed by Rob Dyrdek

On last week's episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory we got to see behind the scenes of the making of Rob's Ridiculousness co-star Chanel West Coast's new music video for her song "Bass In the Trunk," and now we can finally see the finished product! (WARNING: There are a few f-bombs and a pair of momma jeans shorts.)