Horse Racing: You’re doing it wrong

I’m not sure exactly how to describe this – It’s either dog sledding with more horsepower or horse racing with less brain power. Either way, it’s just further evidence what happens when you mix together extremely cold weather, boredom and white people.

So as to not offend certain Nordic equine sports enthusiasts, the above photo isn’t actually silly and irrational, it’s part of the Skijoring Grand Prix Credit Suisse race on the frozen Lake of St. Moritz, during the third weekend of White Turf races in St. Moritz, Switzerland, 21 February 21, 2010. Pictured here is Leo Luminati of Switzerland, pulled by Gallardo (L). Visit to find out more about Switzerland’s annual Kenslushy Derby, an event that dates back to 1907. (Apparently they had extreme cold, horses, loneliness, boredom and white people back then too.)

Photo: 2010 ZumaPress All rights reserved.

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