Hilary Duff says it took her a year to lose her baby weight: “I’d rather be happy than bitter”


It seems like the minute celebrity moms give birth they’re suddenly back to their baby weight. While they often make comments that the extra pounds just melted off due to breastfeeding, the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and some suffering to lose weight that quickly. Hilary Duff decided that after the birth of her son Luca Cruz Comrie, losing weight wasn’t her top priority!

“It takes most women a year to get back into shape, but not celebrities,” she told In Touch. “I guess I’m just normal! My focus was on my son. I didn’t want to spend two hours in the gym every day. I’d rather be happy than bitter because I can’t eat anything good!”


The 25-year-old recently told US Weekly that she’s “obsessed” with being 1-year-old Luca’s mom. “I love it. I’m honestly obsessed with it,” she said. “It’s very humbling. It’s all about him…It’s his world. We’re just living in it.”
“I feel like my heart just swelled,” she added. “I didn’t know I could love something so much. And that keeps getting more intense as he grows older.”

Hilary is also staying busy. She says, “I’ve also been working with Johnson’s Baby Cares and Save the Children, which support programs like early childhood education and help underprivileged new moms. I’m making some new music and reading scripts. But it’s tough to commit – now that I’m a mom, whatever I work on has to really be worth it!”

There’s also a rumor going around that Hilary might be the next X Factor judge!

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