An Angelina Jolie lookalike could make bank for donating two eggs

Angelina Jolie Egg Donor

Who says good looks don’t get you ahead? A UCLA student who also happens to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike could make significantly more than an average egg donor by working with Beverly Hills Egg Donation for two cycles.

Someone who took out an ad in The Daily Bruin‘s classified section seeks a caucasian woman with brown hair, a tall, slender build and high cheekbones and forehead would be compensated $30,000 to offer up two eggs. The ad specifically requests a donor who looks like the actress.

Beverly Hills Egg Donation offers average first-time donors $7,000, with the fee increasing “by a standard amount” for subsequent donations. However, in a case like this, they say “special fees may be offered to donors who meet extraordinary standards.” (Such as looking like a particular movie star.) In general, the ideal donor is a twenty-something woman who “lives a healthy life, has a clean medical history, has completed some advanced studies, and is genuinely committed to the donation process.”

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