Heidi Montag releases EP album “Dreams Come True”

Heidi Montag Dreams Come True EP album cover

In fake reality show stars addicted to plastic surgery “Where Are They Now?” news, The Hills star (and professional bikini filler) Heidi Montag has decided to give her music career another go with a brand new EP featuring four old songs. The EP is titled Dreams Come True and comes a little more than two years after her debut album, Superficial, bombed in January of 2010 with just over 1,000 copies sold in the first week. After the disappointing debut, Montag was famously quoted as saying, “I spent $2 million on my music career, and it didn’t happen for me.”

The EP cover features Heidi doing what she does best – wearing very little in front of a camera, which in this case means a satiny red one-piece lingerie swimsuit thing. Dreams Come True features the four songs “Your Love Found Me,” “Party Is Wherever I Am,” “No More” and “Overdosin,” all of which are previously released and currently available on iTunes and amazon.com.

Heidi has been promoting the collection on Twitter and described it by writing, “4 of my favorite songs are now available! Please check out my new EP- ‘Dreams Come True'”

The EP must be Heidi’s way of filling in the gap of Montaggery merch for her fans as I assume she is finishing up her book that she announced in October. I think the book idea is a good one for Heidi because flopping as an author couldn’t possibly cost anywhere in the neighborhood of $2 million!

Here are Youtube clips of all the singles on the EP, including the 1980s inspired music video for “Overdosin!”

Your Love Found Me:

Party Is Wherever I Am:

No More:


I’ll wrap up this very, very important post with the music video for the title track from Heidi’s debut album, Superficial, which is surprisingly hard to find!

Blogger confession: When I started this post it was under the assumption that this was all new music from Heidi. It wasn’t until I started to look for the music video for “Superficial” that I realized all of these songs are previously released. Rather than trash all the hard work I had done, I just tweaked the post and ran with it anyway. My apologies for the exponentially unnewsworthiness of this post.

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