PHOTO Soulja Boy preps early for April 20th

Soulja Boy with some ganga

That is a leopard print jacket and that is a TON of weed.

Rapper Soulja Boy tweeted this picture and then it hit the sticky icky big leagues when Willie Nelson’s consigliere, Snoop Dogg, retweeted this budding masterpiece as part of his Tuesday “Puff Puff Pass” tradition.

Boy has had his fair share of legal troubles so you knew his reps were waking after baking and thinking, “Oh man how we gonna explain this!?!” Here’s how that went via TMZ (Soulja Boy reps Tell ‘Em)…

“The photo was taken inside of a marijuana dispensary in California earlier this month. The rep says the shop is owned by Soulja’s friend … who invited him to come check out the joint. We’re told Soulja was amazed by the inventory and HAD to take a pic. Soulja’s rep insists the rapper did not purchase any marijuana that day”

Only Soulja, and only in California…