HAPPILY EVER AFTER Did Chantel get a boob job?

Happily Ever After Chantel boob job

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After made its triumphant return last night, and it was obvious that a number of the cast members had gone through some dramatic changes since the last time we saw them on the small screen. According to lots of responses on social media, it is believed that one of those changes may have been Chantel getting a boob job!

The reactions were inspired by Chantel’s voice over interviews wearing a tight blue dress (seen above) in which her breasts would best be described as “big a little bit.”

The fervor over Chantel potentially having breast augmentation could only come from those with a short-term memory, however, because not only has she been amply bosomed for quite a while, but her assets have been on display numerous times on the show. Here are a couple photos of Chantel from the show — one of which may or may not have a tiny hat Photoshopped into it:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Chantel Pedro tiny hat

90 Day Fiance Chantel bikini Pedro screen cap

There was also a good deal of speculation that Chantel may have had something done to her face. I have to confess that I have 0% certainty on whether or not this is the case simply because Chantel’s appearance changes so dramatically with just makeup, colored contacts, and perhaps a little Photoshop on occasion. Here are some older photos in which you can see her appearance vary dramatically, while her bust size remains about the same:

Chantel and Pedro throwback 2014

90 Day Fiance Chantel bikini throwback photo

Chantel modeling 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Chantel bikini photo beach

Happily Ever After Chantel throwback boob job contacts

It should be pointed out that it is possible Chantel had breast implants put in while she was younger. The earliest photo I could find of her in which she looked to be quite top heavy was 2013. I couldn’t find any photos from before that.

Hmmm… Chantel lives in Atlanta — I wonder if she has ever visited co-star Molly Hopkins’ LiviRae Lingerie for a bra fitting? That would make for a fun scene, if only because it would probably mean Luis and Pedro would be hanging out at a bar together while the ladies did their lingerie thing.

UPDATE – Not long after our post, Chantel seemingly addressed the boob job rumor with a subtle #naturalbody hash tag on a picture from a recent photo shoot. Of course, the photo shoot was on a lake, so she could have meant a natural body of water. 😉

UPDATE – Chantel once again addressed whether or not she had breast augmentation in early January of 2019 when she shared these side-by-side photos:

In addition to using the #allnatural hash tag in the caption, Chantel wrote: “and the answer to your boob question is…..”

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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