Judd Apatow thinks Bill Cosby should be in jail


Marc Maron finally spoke out about the Bill Cosby fiasco after a bit of silence on his WTF podcast (it’s a bit ironic that Bill Cosby has refused to go on his show because of it’s indecent title,) and he articulated the complicated feelings about this horrible situation.

Marc’s intro articulated the frustration over how to deal with this as a comedian, comparing it to a Catholic person coming to terms with the fact that the rumors about their local priest’s sexual assault were true. He also brought up the fact that Cosby told a woman who got up to get a drink during his stand-up to not drink it in front of him, in an attempt to dismiss the mounting and specific allegations against him by more than 30 minutes.

Marc called up his pal Judd Apatow, who has been very vocal about his feelings about it on Twitter, to deepen the conversation. Judd did not mince words, “Oh, he should absolutely be in jail,” he said. “That’s where people who commit sexual assaults go.”

“It is bone chilling, the amount of detail that they remember. We’re way beyond the point of ‘did this happen?’ . . . it’s just certain statues of limitations are allowing him to avoid dealing with this,” Judd elaborated.

Judd says he’s so keen on speaking up about this because so few people in the comedy community are saying anything (this was recorded before the Golden Globes.) “I don’t want it to suddenly disappear, and then he goes back on the road, and all of those women are shamed for coming out, they’re just ignored.”

Although the possibility of Bill going to jail is zero, Judd wants to keep the conversation about this going so it doesn’t just get swept under the rug. “You just don’t want him having a blast . . . at the very least, go into your mansion and disappear for the rest of your life.”

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