Gerard Butler is in rehab at Betty Ford for prescription painkiller addiction and cocaine

According to TMZ, Gerard Butler is in rehab at the Betty Ford clinic for a prescription pain pill addiction that started after an injury he suffered while filming 300 in 2006.

He reportedly entered the clinic three weeks ago because he was scared about being too reliant on the pain pills. His problem has escalated since a December 18, 2011 accident on the set of future release Of Men and Mavericks.

After filming 300, Gerard explained how hard it was for him to adjust to life after 300:

‘When when you finish filming your whole routine changes and suddenly you don’t have to do what you did anymore. It’s kind of weird. You feel a little lost. You don’t have to hold yourself the same way physically.

‘I noticed in watching the video journals that even when I wasn’t performing, I was still walking around as the king and talking like him. I don’t do that anymore! I can slouch again!

‘There was definitely a period of adjustment and physical pain because I stopped training. That was the worst thing I could have done.

He reportedly also has an issue with cocaine, but the painkillers were the major problem.

He was released today.

Good for Gerard for being brave enough to admit he has a problem, and for getting help!