VIDEO Local news reporter unfazed as car wreck explodes behind her

One of the safest local news reports you can do for TV is the ol’ soaring gas prices staple. It’s akin to the celebrity blogger’s version of Kim Kardashian in a bikini. Adrienne Pedersen of Tampa Area’s WFLA was on that predictable beat when a driver straight up slammed a taxi right behind her.

That sound of screeching and metal on metal will make just about anyone jump from fear or shock but not our girl Adrienne. Watch this eye popping video as the faithful news reporter stays on task in spite of the chaos that happens right behind her:

Blah blah blah gas prices… Screeeeech, errrrrrr, BOOM!

Sometimes you think you’re reporting the news when all of the sudden actual news happens right behind you. WFLA’s anchor Gayle Guyardo was on the ball and felt it necessary to point out to Adrienne that the massive wreck had just happened. I loved Pedersen’s disinterested response:

“Yeah, it looks like we have got an accident out here.”

Then the anchor really showed her chops by tying the two stories together. “Probably shocked by the gas prices.” Well played Guyardo you sly ol’ fox!

Adrienne followed up on her Facebook page like a dedicated reporter would:

Here’s the story with an article explaining what happened. The people involved are okay! For the record, yes, I did hear it but reporters hear things around them all the time….so I guess I’ve gotten a little too used to it! Glad everyone is okay!

So are we.