Farrah Abraham found her new boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein through JDate.com

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham with boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein

The mystery surrounding how 20-year-old Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham found her new boyfriend, 34-year-old Marcel Kaminstein, is now solved! The two met through the Jewish dating site JDate.com!

Farrah revealed her hook up secret to Life & Style and says of her two-month romance with Marcel, “I’m happy and hoping for the best.”

So is Farrah Jewish? I know you don’t have to be Jewish to look for love on JDate.com, but it is a question that I don’t remember being asked. Her father Michael‘s last name is Abraham, which could obviously be a Jewish surname. (I don’t believe there’s any need to discuss “Kaminstein.”)

Didn’t Farrah’s mom reference the fmily being Christian in Season 1 when Farrah brought home a date? Am I misremembering that (I need to queue up my Netflix!) Either way, it’s obvious Farrah and Sophia have no problem getting into the Yuletide spirit:

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia celebrate Christmas

If you’re like me you are dying to know what Farrah’s profile said, but unfortunately it appears to have been removed. (Most likely due to her success.) No need to fear, starcasm is here! Of course we were able to track down Farrah’s JDate deets!

Here’s how Farrah described herself: “I’m looking for a man to be my partner in crime, who is successful like me, and has style,” her profile read. “If you can give a woman everything she deserves and you want the same in exchange, message me. You won’t regret it.”

Hmmmm… So she’s looking for a man that wants everything a woman deserves? I think that’s something you would find on a completely different kind of dating site! 🙂 (Sorry for the unfair, snarky blogger commentary there.)

And what kind of man was Farrah looking for? “I’m looking for a man that is top of the line; I guess I’m picky,” she wrote. “I want a man who is happy, supportive, works hard, is successful, can stay in but can also go out, is active, outgoing, easygoing, likes children and dogs, can be serious, but knows when to have fun and is a romantic.”

Ol’ Marcel must be one heck of a dude if he met all those criteria!

Congrats to Farrah on her new relationship! As we said in a previous post that included the photo above, she does look quite happy – perhaps more so than I can remember from any other time during her run on MTV.

Top photo: SDFL / Splash News

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