Duggars share rare pic of Josh and Anna to celebrate anniversary


Disgraced former reality TV star Josh Duggar made an extremely rare appearance via social media today.

The Duggar family shared a photo of Josh alongside Anna Duggar in celebration of the couple’s wedding anniversary. The pair have stayed almost entirely out of the spotlight since Josh’s return home from rehab.

The family captioned the image:

Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.

Josh, who is a father to four children with Anna, admitted to an addiction to pornography and confessed to adultery after his name surfaced in the Ashley Madison website hack. The 28-year-old was also the center of a scandal that rocked the Duggar family as it was revealed that his father, Jim Bob Duggar, told police that Josh had molested underage girls when Josh was a young teenager.

The posting by the devout Christian family has received mostly positive responses. One supporter wrote:

Something she said several months back made a lasting impact on me and I’ve never forgotten it. She said, God’s grace can give me the strength to love Josh when others say he doesn’t deserve it. I thought that was so powerful. God can do all things above and beyond what we ask. Praise God! May God continue a work in their marriage and life.

Another agreed with this perspective:

Amazing testimony of God’s love and how marriage is not all about YOU, it’s about honouring your commitment to God and to serving your spouse with unconditional love even when they don’t deserve it. Anna is a blessed woman because she has her identity in CHRIST and not in her husband. Praying that God continues to heal your marriage! Blessings on you both as you continue to stomp on the devil and glorify God!

And there were naysayers of course:

Once a cheater, always a cheater! She should have ran for the hills instead of lowering her standards for an unloyal husband. She is setting herself up for disaster and more heartache.

Josh and Anna stated earlier this year that they are in marriage counseling.