THE DUGGARS sex offender Caleb Williams going to court in brutal custody battle

Caleb Williams has been a lot of trouble since associating himself with the Duggar family.

Once rumored to be dating eldest daughter Jana, the now convicted sex offender is headed to court… again.

Who is Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams was first spotted with the stars of Counting On in 2017. Similar to his friend and colleague Josh Duggar, he’s been embroiled in scandal ever since.

Rumored to once be courting Jana, Caleb is currently registered as a Child Sex Offender and Sexual Predator with the Illinois State Police for “penetrating a minor between the ages of 13-17 while at least 5 years older than the victim.” Said victim became pregnant during this time. The mother, now 18, is refusing Williams any visitation.

Below you can see a Facebook post highlighting the many times Caleb has been seen with the Duggar family:

Caleb’s custody battle

Caleb’s first crime allegedly took place between May 29, 2015 and Aug. 1, 2016, while the second was alleged between Aug. 1, 2016, and May 31, 2018 in Logan County, IL.

During one of these incidences, a baby was conceived.

Caleb Williams mugshot

The mother of said child, now a legal adult, understandably wants Williams to have nothing to do with their child. Williams, however, is out for blood.

Court documents read:

Caleb is concerned that [his daughter] will soon begin to suffer irreparable mental and emotional damage from the ongoing separation from her alleged paternal father. [Caleb claims] both are fit and proper parents and each is a suitable caregiver to allow for an allocation of meaningful parenting time for each parent with the minor child.

In response, the mother “does not consent to parenting time or an allocation of parental responsibility as requested by [Caleb].

Under the Sexual Predator column on his wrap sheet we learn VICTIM WAS 16 YEARS OF AGE, OFFENDER WAS 23 AT THE TIME OF THE OFFENSE.

The Duggar family scapegoat

In the most odd twist to the story, Josh Duggar threw Caleb Williams under the bus, claiming that his coworker had access to the computers at the car dealership that were seized in Duggar’s own child pornography scandal.

Claiming Williams was “extremely tech-savvy,” Josh has filed several appeals claiming his rights have been violated by improper investigation of his associate.

In response to these allegations Williams called Josh Duggar “a lying loser.

The jury is literally out on which one of these sex offenders is worse!

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