Duggar Digest: Michelle’s advice to pregnant Jill Dillard and is Jessa Seewald pregnant, too?


So, I lied (accidentally!) when I said last week’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting was the season finale. In fact, the new show tonight will wrap up the season — although it actually centers on “Cousin Amy” and her career in Nashville.

“Amy Duggar performs on a showboat dinner cruise in Branson, Mo., and celebrates her 28th birthday with her Duggar cousins at a backyard bonfire,” TLC says of the new episode. “Also: a look at the making of Amy’s music video in Nashville.”

In years past, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal to end the season with an episode like this. But there’s so much else going on with the family now! Even though they confirmed in the last episode that Anna Duggar isn’t pregnant, Jill Dillard definitely is and Jessa Seewald may not be far behind…

Michelle Duggar on what she’ll tell her daughters when they become moms

In a recent blog post, Michelle said she always tells new moms to savor the first few months with a newborn — but also to nap when the baby naps.

“When I put my baby down for naptime, usually in the middle of the day, the tiredness would hit me,” she said. “You can see everything that needs to be done around the house. You need to catch up on laundry; you need to do some cleaning; you want to do some ironing — whatever. But just take that break and sleep, even if it’s just an hour while the baby is sleeping.”

She also recommended continuing date nights, which builds and strengthens the marriage: “That gives your children stability in their lives. When they see mom and dad are making it a priority to love each other and focus on their relationship, it reminds them that their parents love each other and that their relationship is a top priority in the family.”

Pregnant Jill Dillard Winter 2014

As for what unique advice she’ll give her daughters, Michelle said, “Now, if you need a babysitter, you know grandma is just down the road, and I’d be so happy to help you whenever you need a date night with your sweetie!”

Is Jessa Seewald pregnant?

InTouch quoted sources this week who said it wouldn’t be surprising if Jessa and Ben Seewald are already expecting their first child — especially because Jill was by this point in her marriage.

Jessa Seewald Pregnant Already

“She’s got the experience, taking care of her brothers and sisters,” cousin Amy’s paternal grandma said of Jessa. “Jess would be the perfect mother.”

For now, there’s absolutely no reason to think Jessa’s pregnant other than the fact she’s a Duggar.

The actual season finale of 19 Kids and Counting airs on TLC tonight at 9/8c.

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