Donna from Black Ink Crew says it’s not her on tape having sex in the bathroom with Alex The Vagina Slayer

So Black Ink Crew fans were treated to something of a surprise twist this week, thanks to the unexpected leak of the Donna Lombardi sex tape. The tape features Donna and fellow Black Ink cast member Alex The Vagina Slayer — defying the odds by living up to his nickname — and Donna’s serious boyfriend Mo is nowhere to be seen.

The Donna Lombardi sex tape captures Donna and Alex having sex doggystyle in a bathroom stall while Alex rolled a blunt. Though the sex tape was filmed from behind the two of them — and seemingly without either one knowing they were being filmed — Donna and Alex were identified thanks to their tattoos.

The only public comment either Donna or Alex has made came from Donna, in an Instagram Live chat captured and reposted by The Shade Room. The brief clip, which we’ve embedded below, features Donna shaking her head at people who use social media to judge before they have all the facts.

Not that Donna is about to provide any. Her defense? “I wasn’t even f*ckin in the bathroom,” Donna says, laughing. “Y’all n!ggas is dumb.”

Far from being publicly intimidated by the sex tape leak and her boyfriend’s absence from it, Donna’s instead gotten defiant. Her only other public statement was a celebratory Instagram post in honor of all the new followers she’s picked up since the Donna Lombardi sex tape leak:

Alex acted similarly, staying coy while never mentioning the Donna Lombardi sex tape by name:

Me Watching All These Speculations ?

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Donna, whose romantic history with her co-workers has brought her plenty of attention in the past, is unlikely to be guilted into any reaction at all. And Alex, who’s in the middle of his first season on Black Ink Crew is probably just enjoying the ride.

Unfortunately, it looks like filming for Black Ink Crew Season 6 may have already wrapped — in which case we’ll have to wait until Season 7 drops next year to see how the show handles the drama (if it handles it at all).

(Photo credits: Donna Lombardi sex tape via Instagram)

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