Did Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split? LHHATL star’s boyfriend shades show & entire cast

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Though their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta introduction came just a few weeks ago, it’s looking like a Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split is a very real possibility, thanks to some eyebrow-raising posts Chris shared–and then deleted–on his Instagram page. In the posts, which were captred by fans before being taken down, Chris rants against the entire LHHATL cast, the show itself, and Mimi Faust, with whom Chris said he was “in love” after the Season 5 premiere.

It seems that part of Chris’ difficulty is with either cast members or fans (or both) having a difficult time accepting him based on his chosen identity, which is male. “I really didn’t think it was a big deal how a person saw themselves,” he began. “With that being said, I think it takes a soul less—no, that was extreme…I think it takes a certain type of person to be on reality TV for multiple seasons.”

Chris was pretty straightforward with her feelings about the show: “I can tell you this,” she declared; “I’m motherf*cking tired. I’m motherf*cked. If you a real n*gga, do not go on reality TV, ever!” If you want to be on TV, she advised her fans, “Go on Empire and sh!t, be great! [But] I don’t think that I would ever want to do this again in my life,” Chris said. “I want to do stuff for like GLAAD and stuff. I’m just happy that maybe somebody out there who has a weird way of thinking, like myself, can feel a little more comfortable with themselves.”

Of her time on the show, Chris was rather less complimentary toward producers: “I think I’ve been as genuine and transparent as I can possibly be,” she said, “given the magic of editing.”

Also worth pointing out: though it’s not direct evidence of a Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split, neither one of the pair has ever appeared on the other’s social media pages, either in deleted photos or photos that are still there.

Fameolous recently reported that the pair have indeed broken up, though confirmation has yet to come from any official channel.


(Photo credits: Mimi Faust and Chris Gould split via Instagram, VH1)

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