Did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 3

Keep in mind that it’s always difficult to tell what her true motives are–but did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta the day after filming the Season 6 finale? True, she’s had an up-and-down time of things with Stevie this year. But it also looked like Joseline was getting ready for bigger things: her pregnancy special did well, and she’s been linked to multiple rumors about either a starring role on Love & Hip Hop Miami later this year or an LHHATL spin-off of her very own.

Nonetheless, just a few hours ago, Joseline appeared to make things official with a Mona Scott-Young-hating post on Instagram (which we’ve screencapped, since it will inevitably get deleted for one reason or another):

Did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 1

That defiant statement came just a few hours after what in retrospect looks like a warning. The earlier post features Joseline and Stevie J (standing in front of a whole bunch of what look like empty pizza boxes?) and seems to suggest that baby Bonnie Bella is a bargaining chip:

Did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2

Given all those pizza boxes, it’s actually possible that Joseline just went on a hanger-based social media rampage and quit LHHATL because she was in dire need of extra calories. She’s been pushing her personal training regimen pretty hard of late:

However, it’s just as likely that this whole thing is Joseline playing hardball ahead of contract negotiations for LHHATL Season 7. She’s one of the biggest names on the show–if not *the* biggest–and, considering the exposure she gave the producers for the latest season, she probably wants a pay bump before agreeing to let the cameras capture any more of Bonnie’s beautiful face.

Plus, she’s got loads of legal bills to worry about. Joseline is currently fighting a restraining order Mimi Faust took out against her (specifically to protect Mimi and Stevie’s daughter Eva), and her paternity fight with Stevie is about to enter its second year. On top of that, child care sure isn’t cheap–to say nothing of diapers, or baby formula, or baby clothes, or any of the thousand other things you all of a sudden need when you become a parent. So we’re willing to bet that these & all aggressive social media posts to come are just Joseline’s way of making sure Bonnie can go to college 😉

(Photo credits: Did Joseline really just quit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta via Instagram)

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