Did Ariel Winter break up with Laurent Claude Gaudette, her fancy boyfriend?

Ariel Winter break up 2

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It appears that the Ariel Winter break up rumors are true: the latest in a series of Instagram updates by the Modern Family star points to an apparently amicable split from Laurent Claude Gaudette, her dashing boyfriend of over two years. Is Winter distressed? Distraught? Or downright giddy? The answer seems to be a mix of all three.

Devoteés grew suspicious when Gaudette, normally a fixture of the seventeen-year-old Winter’s popular Instagram feed, failed to appear in a single update for over five weeks. That update came back in the days when Winter laughed off rumors that she and Gaudette intended to marry on her eighteenth birthday this coming January; before then, the two were trading love-struck notes to one another in celebration of their two-year anniversary.

Social media-wise, then, yesterday began innocently enough for Winter, who took the time to update fans on the status of her senior photo:

Then, last night, the Ariel Winter break up rumors spread quickly, thanks to the next update:

Start of a new week, start of a new chapter #dancinglikebeyoncemood

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And, before bed, Winter appeared to put a bow on the rumors with two more update, which further emphasized positivity:

•But you’re so hypnotizing, you’ve got me laughing while I sing, you’ve got me smiling in my sleep•

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Winter has yet to make an official statement on the matter; Gaudette hasn’t referred to it officially, on social media, or otherwise.


(Photo credits: Ariel Winter break up via Instagram)

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