David Eason’s sister Jessica says he ‘has lost his mind and his heart’ and Jenelle ‘loves this garbage as much as he does’

It’s been a little over 24 hours since former Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason claimed to have run the Secret Service off The Land before showing off his sizable arsenal of weapons and ammunition — which he reportedly keeps in the house with their children. Among the many people expressing shock and concern over David’s antics is his estranged sister Jessica, who took to Twitter to share her thoughts on David’s meltdown, and to scoff at those concerned for Jenelle’s well being.

Jessica began by mocking David’s bravado for challenging the Secret Service. “That lil baby arsenal lmao.. Extended magazines, a bag of bullets and a WHOLE box of buck shots? Shoo wee! I bet the USSS are shaking in their boots!” (OK, so she seems to be suggesting that David doesn’t have a lot of ammunition?) “Acting so tough as if they couldn’t sniper him in .05 seconds..” she added. “He needs to stop being an idiot.”

Jessica then argued that you can’t win a war with just guns and ammo. “But it takes more than 1 person to shoot all those guns. Wheres your army? I know tht pet turtle cant shoot, she just lays eggs?”

She followed up with another mocking tweet:

A Twitter user asked Jessica: “Is this uncharacteristic of him? Or has he always been this way?”

“He’s feeding off the attention,” Jessica replied, adding: “Must…….. ? Stay……? Re-le-vant…… ?……….. ?”

That was followed by a string of tweets about David. “We dont know this new guy… poisonous poonanny has entered into his bloodstream,” Jessica wrote, obviously referring to Jenelle as a poonanny. “I feel sorry for him,” she said in another response. “He has lost his mind and his heart.”

And what about David’s obsession with firearms — is that something new? “We’ve all always had guns. We hunt and we would target shoot. He’s being a show off bc of the attention.”

Jessica was also asked what her dad thinks of David’s behavior. “Well no one in my family wants me to quote them on anything on this topic bc they don’t want to start arguments between everyone,” Jessica replied. “Mama and Daddy talk to David once in a while. No one likes Jenelle, at all. And we are ALL appalled by David’s behavior. ‘Maybe things will get better one day’ is the most common positive term used by our family when referring to David and this whole new situation since he’s been w ‘her’.”

Jessica was quick to point out that Jenelle is far from an innocent victim in all of this showboating craziness:

TWEET: Everyone always blames David for controlling Jenelle, and while I agree 100%, I also believe Jenelle is to blame. She has isolated herself from her entire family and I think she sought out from the beginning to isolate him from you all as well!

JESSICA: Well then you’re one of the few that understand or see the truth. You’re exactly right.. She’s the most horrible creature I’ve ever met. She has disrespected everyone she’s ever met in our family. I do believe she has brought out the worst in David, and I think he hates himself.

JESSICA: And Jenelle controls David even more so.

Jessica’s assertion that Jenelle is as much to blame for David’s antics as he is had her fuming at Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Kail Lowry after Kail expressed concern over Jenelle’s safety.

“I just dont understand why someone would think something’s suddenly wrong with her.” Jessica added in a separate tweet. “She loves this garbage as much as he does.”

David has since returned to Instagram to post some pro-Trump memes and some video clips of the Eason family at an aquarium together. He also showed his tender, loving side by sharing a photo of Jenelle and capturing his love for her in talking words:

Awwwwww! Perhaps David should launch his own line of Valentine’s Day and anniversary cards? Here’s another one from his growing portfolio:

Meanwhile, I submitted a couple screen caps of David’s ranting on the r/Trumpgret subreddit, and it is FASCINATING to read people’s responses who have never watched Teen Mom 2 and have no idea who David is! In addition to the “Vanilla Isis” and “Y’all-Qaeda” jokes, there are also people so shocked that they can’t believe the story is real at all! Here’s the post:

Gun and MAGA-lovin’ Teen Mom 2 dad Tags Trump In A Video About Bump Stocks, Gets A Visit From The Secret Service from r/Trumpgret

The story has inspired a lot of concerned reactions — not just for the safety of Jenelle and her children, but for anyone coming into contact with David. (For example, can you imagine being a UPS driver driving a U-Haul truck — which they do this time of year — and delivering a package to The Land?) I did a little research on the topic of firearms in relation to mental illness and domestic violence, and here are a few of the most informative links:

Domestic Violence & Firearms in North Carolina

New NC Gun Law Requires Mental Health Checks, Delays Purchases

Mental illness and gun laws: What you may not know about the complexities

Interestingly, it sounds as though David would have to surrender all of his weapons if he is named in a domestic violence protective order. I give it about a 90% chance that is going to come into play at some point — either with Jenelle, or with David’s ex Olivia, who previously had a protective order against him after he “did assault Olivia, a female person, by grabbing the victim around the throat and saying to the victim, ‘I will kill you b****.’”

UPDATE – Jenelle has since responded to this post by clarifying the fact that the protective order against David was not filed because of the alleged choking incident, but was filed months later after David “[said] a cuss word in front of his son while he was sleeping.” Although the statement above is technically correct in that the protective order was filed after the alleged altercation described, it was not filed because of that incident. Jenelle and David also responded to Jessica’s statements — click the link for all the latest.

I do not look forward to the next update(s), but stay tuned.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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