Jenelle Evans responds to David Eason jail sentence for violating protective order

David Eason sentenced to jail for 60 days

News broke earlier today that Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend, and father of her unborn child, David Eason has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after being found guilty of violating a protective order when he hugged and “grabbed” his toddler son Kaden at a supermarket back in March. The verdict and sentencing were handed down back in September, but David has since appealed the ruling and is waiting for a new hearing date. After the story broke, Jenelle took to Twitter to defend her man by sharing her take on what really happened.

“This is old news… lol,” Jenelle initially tweeted in response to someone asking if the story was true. “He appealed the decisions in regular court and waiting on a court date. He does not have to do 60 days.”

Jenelle continued, spilling details from the courtroom:

The no contact order expires Oct. 22nd then he will be filing for visitation for his son that his ex is refusing to let David see. The judge found him guilty saying “an unwanted hug is a form of child abuse” , same judge that granted the no contact order and that wrote up his custody papers when he had no way to even fight against his ex, the judge even knew this. she hates David. Wouldn’t even listen to a word Dustin had to say while he was speaking and she rolled her eyes at Dustin. How respectful.

Someone tweeted in response: “not being mean or anything but isn’t this the same thing with you & Nathan?”

“Not at all…” Jenelle responded. “Nathan gets Kaiser every weekend except the second weekend of the month.”

Another person tweeted that the judge calling Nathan “unfit” seemed like “extremely strong language,” and Jenelle countered: “Declared him unfit but he gets his daughter every weekend and allowed around my kids ?! Haha right.”

After another question asking why the judge (using a masculine pronoun) would declare David unfit, Jenelle continued: “Listen this judge is a she… and she is the one that found him not guilty of assault on him against his ex… hmmm that’s weird. ? She said ‘I’d hate to say this, but I’m going to have to find you not guilty and I don’t want to’ like for real?!!! Same custody judge too?”

Jenelle answered one more question before shutting down her responses and deleting her tweets. “You have tried to justify the criminal record of every man you’ve ever been with. Don’t you see a pattern here?” Jenelle was asked. “David saw his son in the grocery store while shopping and hugged his son…. what’s the problem ?!” Jenelle answered.

Jenelle Evans boyfriend David Eason arrest mug shot 2016

In case you missed it, David was arrested on March 28. According to the official police report, here is what happened:

Defendant was in the same location as his child Kaden who was out with his grandmother and aunt when defendant approached same and hugged Kaden. [David] was told not to by [name redacted] and grabbed the child again which frightened same.

Just after his arrest, a David-friendly source described the encounter this way to Radar Online: “He was in the grocery store getting juice for Kaiser when he saw his son and gave him a hug.”

As far as why David had a protective order and was not allowed to contact his son in the first place, according to Radar Online, that was due to an incident in April of 2014 in which David allegedly choked his girlfriend. “The Defendant did assault [name redacted], a female person, by grabbing the victim around the throat and saying to the victim, ‘I will kill you b****,’” reads the court documents. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that David’s girlfriend was pregnant at the time.

The official filing from David’s most recent sentencing show that the protective order that he violated was originally signed in October of 2015, but it could just be that was the order was renewed then.

As mentioned by Jenelle, David has appealed the sentencing and is awaiting a new court date. I’m assume that it is entirely possible that David’s appeal will be denied and he might be behind bars when his daughter Ensley is born. (Jenelle says Ensley is due January 28.)

While all of the courtroom drama is certainly unwelcome to Jenelle and David, a lot of Teen Mom 2 fans (like myself) are surely excited for the return of reality TV super attorney Dustin Sullivan!

And on a side note, the arrest warrant posted by Radar Online with their article today has a photo of David that I don’t recognize, and despite it’s wonderfully low black-and-white fax quality, it may have to be entered into David’s official collection of mug shots:

David Eason arrest warrant photo

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