SISTER WIVES Cousin shares his opinion about the dark truth of polygamy

Brown family cousin Benjamin Brown (@thefreshkingbenjamin on TikTok) doesn’t watch Sister Wives, but he does have strong opinions about reality TV show that portray polygamy in a positive light. “We were abused,” he says about his own experience in a polygamist family.

Why doesn’t he watch Sister Wives?

Benjamin has some strong feelings about shows about polygamists families, but the reason he doesn’t watch Sister Wives is because the people on the show are his real-life aunts, uncle, and cousins, and he doesn’t want the shows plotlines and portrayals to interfere with his personal experience of them as people.

Does he think the Brown adults on Sister Wives are good parents?

He grew up in polygamy and experienced abuse, neglect, and labor exploitation, which he doesn’t see happening with the Brown family on Sister Wives. “My experience with the Sister Wives family is that they are really, really good with their kids. By far better than the average polygamist family,” Benjamin says in his Tik Tok addressing the show. “But I think polygamist families where the children receive adequate care are rare.”

Why does he have a problem with Mormon polygamy shows?

Unfortunately, Benjamin Brown and his siblings grew up in a family where the kids did not receive adequate care, according to him. He also states that he’s met many more kids of polygamists families that are dealing with childhood trauma.

While he doesn’t watch Sister Wives, he does have a problem with TV shows that try to “paint Mormon polygamy as fun and nice and happy because in my experience, it’s not.”

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