VIDEOS PHOTOS ‘Big Bird Bandit’ breaks window, steals showgirl costume, goes for cocktails, gets arrested, ID still unknown

KC showgirl costume Big Bird bandit

In #ThrowABrickThroughAWindowThursday news, an unknown man being referred to as the “Big Bird Bandit” was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri Thursday night after several eye witnesses saw him shatter a window of a downtown costume shop and steal an elaborate showgirl costume comprised of a poofy yellow cape and feather headdress, only to return an hour later for drinks at the Cashew bar down the street — wearing the costume!

The entire incident was documented by MetroWire Media Managing Editor (and new Starcasm name crush) Autumn MorningSky, who tweeted the whole thing from start to finish:

Autumn revealed in a later interview with Fox 4 KC (video included below) that the man called himself “Dirty, Dirty” and at one point he began singing The Fray’s “Over My Head.”

Kansas City Big Bird bandit costume thief

AUTUMN (with photo above): “Name: Dirty Dirty. Going for: Pimp… And to get laid. I’d say it’s working.”

And Autumn later uploaded a cell phone video of the burlesque pimp chicken man getting handcuffed at the bar to Youtube:

Making the story even more amazing is that police booked the burlesque pimp chicken man and shared his mug shot photo, but they still do not know his identity because he refuses to tell them! Here’s the mug shot photo for John Doe 87, who is felony burglary and theft charges for the incident:

Kansas City Police showgirl costume Big Bird bandit John Doe 87 mugshot photo

Here’s a video report from Fox 4 KC that includes an interview with Autumn MorningSky — who is now more than just a name crush for me. 😉 (Perhaps I should grab a brick and head to Missouri to try wooing her KC style?)

Another report from ABC News:

And a final report from KCTV in which the reporter actually puts on the costume in question!

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