Chelsea Houska working to remove Adam Lind’s visitation rights

Chelsea Houska and Aubree

Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska’s co-parenting dynamic has been contentious since the beginning — due in large part to his string of arrests. On the heels of Adam’s latest term in the slammer, Chelsea wants it to be known she isn’t playing around anymore.

“It’s a strict rule that he can’t drive with her,” Chelsea told Life & Style. “But Aubree will come home and say, ‘Daddy was driving with me.’ It makes me so mad. He doesn’t deserve visitation with our daughter if he keeps breaking the rules.”

Chelsea said she is “documenting everything” to demonstrate Adam can’t be trusted with visitations. (We can help you out, Chels! Here’s a mostly complete list of Adam’s arrests.)

Normally I would reserve my opinion in stories like these… But, considering Adam has proven time and time again that he can’t follow the law and a child’s safety is at risk? You go, Chelsea!

Chelsea’s continued problems with Adam will be featured when Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on Wednesday, July 16 at 10/9c.

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