Teen Mom Jenelle Evans joining band And By Love on “Road To Redemption Tour”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans launches the Road To Redemption Tour

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has really turned her life around over the last few months. In addition to checking herself into a Malibu, California rehab facility in May, the strong-willed teen has dumped troublesome drifter boyfriend Kieffer Delp (thanks in part to Kieffer crashing at the home of the Maryland Department of Corrections), has a new house, is currently taking college courses, and is honoring the terms of her probation – which includes passing numerous drug tests and attending anger management classes. All of the positive life changes are making it more and more likely that Jenelle will soon be able to achieve her ultimate goal, which is to regain custody of her son Jace, who is currently living with her mom Barbara.

Perhaps inspired by the positive effects the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 shows seem to be having on young viewers, Jenelle has decided to share her experiences by signing on with Life Is Good Agency Group as part of the “Road To Redemption Tour,” alongside the up-and-coming alternative band And By Love.

LIG founder Dustin Lee was excited to share some of the details about the tour, which is set to begin in late 2011, early 2012. “This tour will consist of positive inspirational speeches from Jenelle Evans and And By Love as they journey to middle schools, high schools, teen centers, colleges, churches and more,” Lee explains. So what exactly will Jenelle and the band be talking about? “Educating the youth about dealing with peer pressure, teen pregnancy, drug awareness, violence, bullying, alcoholism, and the struggles of every day life.”

Band And By Love joins Jenelle Evans on the Road To Redemption Tour
^ Alternative band And By Love will join Jenelle on the tour

Each event will include a question and answer session with Jenelle and the band, photo and autograph opportunities, and a live concert by And By Love. “Jenelle Evans and And By Love are both proud of their accomplishments,” Lee says. They “are sure to make a positive impact wherever this tour will lead them.”

“This is by far one of the most exciting times in LIG history,” Lee tells us. “We couldn’t be more happy to have Jenelle Evans as a part of the LIG family.” Lee then points out that Jenelle seems completely different in person than the Jenelle we see on Teen Mom 2. “Jenelle is a very cool, calm, relaxed person whose main focus in life is to be the best mother ever,” he says. “I asked her what her priorities and goals are and she told me, ‘I want to be the best Mother in the world to Jace, Everyone has a past, and I am going to show the world a completely different side of me.'”

Teen mom Jenelle Evans photo

Lee also wanted to remind everyone that the upcoming second season of the show was filmed well before Jenelle began to get her life back on track. He points out that she is currently filming Season 3 and that fans will have to wait until it airs before they see the positive changes on the show.

So where all will the “Road To Redemption Tour” go? As for now it is just in North Carolina, but that may change. “There is talk of expanding throughout the United States at a later time, however Jenelle wants to ensure that she can spend every free possible moment With her son Jace,” Lee says. Also in the future plans for the tour are possible appearances by Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry! (We’ll definitely keep you updated on that development!)

I think most of our readers are familiar with Jenelle, but perhaps not so much with And By Love. Here is the video for their most recent single, “Falling Down.”

You can find out more about And By Love via their Facebook and MySpace pages.

Can’t wait for the “Road To Redemption Tour?” No problem! You can check out Jenelle at another LIG event at Club Hellas in Fayetteville, North Carolina on December 1! Jenelle will be hosting the evening, which is an all-ages event featuring a number of bands, including Rookie of the Year. Jenelle will reportedly be taking photos and signing autographs!

Be sure to check back here for dates, or you can stay informed through the Life Is Good Agency Group website and Facebook page.

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