PHOTO Is Teen Mom Jenelle Evans back with Kieffer Delp?

Jenelle Evans allegedly picks up Kieffer Delp after appearing in court

This photo just came across the wire with the description:

Kieffer Delp, who is back together with MTV’s Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, is seen being picked up by Janelle after missing his court hearing. Jenelle was the only one who showed up for a court appearance where charges where filed against her by Kieffer and immediately after picks him up the spend the afternoon.

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There’s no way to confirm that it is Jenelle in the car (which seems strange to me – of course the point of following her is to get a picture of her right?) so I can’t confirm the two are indeed back together. (Do any of you dedicated Teen Mom fans out there know if Jenelle has purchased a new white car?) I posted some photos earlier of Jenelle arriving for court by herself and they were credited to the same agency (PAPSFIRST) so it would make sense that they would follow her from the courthouse.

The rekindling of the Jenieffer romance would come as a bit of a surprise after it was revealed Dr. Drew advised Jenelle to stay away from him during taping of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special a couple weeks ago and the fact that Kieffer had filed a legal complaint against her for breaking his iPhone! To be honest, I’m surprised Kieffer is still in North Carolina – I figured he had hitch-hiked his way back to New Jersey by now.

Photo: PAPSFIRST / Splash News

***If Jenelle did finally get part of her Teen Mom 2 payday and she is back with Kieffer, couldn’t she buy that poor guy some new clothes?