Lana Del Rey covers “Blue Velvet” for H&M commercial

Despite being built up by and then completely ripped down by internet music critics, Lana Del Rey is still here. Her singing abilities are still questionable (especially live,) but she’s workin’ her fake-lipped ’60s look and lazy seductive drawl for all it’s worth. (I’ve always had an affinity for her because her look reminds me of Karen Black. )

She’s not only got a contract with H&M (as the face and voice,) but her “Blue Velvet” cover in the affordable clothing line’s new commercial.

Watch Lana’s H&M commercial:

Behind the scenes:

“Blue Velvet” was written by written by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris, and was first performed by singer Ray Mason at a Boston fashion show in 1950. The “Blue Velvet” cover most of us are used to was made by Bobby Vinton in the ’60s. Tony Bennett and The Clovers also had semi-popular versions of the song in the ’50s.

Bobby Vinton’s cover:

The Clovers doing “Blue Velvet:”

And Tony Bennett: