PHOTOS Giada de Laurentiis’ breasts spark controversy during Food Network Star finale

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Last night, Food Network aired the finale of Food Network Star, their eleven-week-long summer personality extravaganza. There was a winner–though, in the interest of keeping things spoiler-free, you won’t read that winner’s name in this article–and the winner generated a fair bit of controversy, as is bound to happen among people who are emotionally invested in an outcome.

The bigger controversy, though, was over co-host Giada de Laurentiis’ breasts during the broadcast of the show. Giada has taken a fair amount of heat all summer long for her low-cut dresses (fan site Food Network Gossip has a great week-by-week rundown); during the finale, though, fans cranked that heat up to eleven with a scathing critique on Twitter.

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That’s right–for a brief period last night, Giada de Laurentiis’ breasts were a trending topic on Twitter. Here’s a handful of the offended (and offensive) tweets:

Also, Giada’s dress is so inappropriate. #puttheboobsaway #FoodNetworkStar

— Jen (@inJENiouslife) August 17, 2015

@GDeLaurentiis got her shows confused. It’s not the #VictoriaSecret shoot. #FoodNetworkStar#cleavagemuch#noclass

— Angela Talley (@talley_angela) August 17, 2015

@jonbecker: I wish #FoodNetwork didn’t continually try to make Giada’s cleavage the next #FoodNetworkStar”or her belly button! Geesh

— Bailey Byrd (@BostieTweets) August 17, 2015

Well done @FoodNetwork@fitchefeddie was the clear winner of #FoodNetworkStar. Giada’s cleavage a close second.

— Jason Rosko (@JasonRosko) August 17, 2015

#Giada‘sTits is trending as my new band name! @FoodNetwork@outlawcarnies@Bourdain@ShooterJennings@brentamaker

Yeesh. Those are some pretty strong words for a dress that wouldn’t be entirely out of place at most dinner parties–and Food Network Star is nothing if not an extended dinner party.

Of course, Giada had her defenders, as well…


…but, for the most part, viewers were highly critical of what they deemed to be an inappropriate look on Giada’s part.

Giada 5

What do you, the viewers at home, think? Is that a fair response? Was Giada dressed inappropriately last night; has her wardrobe been scandalous all season? Or does Twitter need to (gasp!) grow up?


(Photo credits: Screencaps via Food Network)

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