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Ex-Dual Survival hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin in murder threat lawsuit

Former Dual Survival hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin have a long history of disagreements, but Cody is now suing the Discovery Channel for pairing him with Teti and making it look like Cody was the one who cracked under pressure. According to Cody, Joe threatened to murder him several times–and with a number of different implements–and, thanks to the network's producers, he's unable to find work. Read on for the latest, including the extensive history Cody and Joe have both together and with Discovery!

Did former Dual Survival host Joseph Teti lie about his military service?

The Joe Teti military service controversy has dogged the former Dual Survival co-host for nearly three years–and now, thanks to his surprise removal from the show before the premiere of Dual Survival Season Seven, that controversy has raised its head once again. Did Joe Teti falsify part of his military service record? Is there a Joseph Teti military service controversy at all? Or can the whole thing be traced back to a simple disagreement between former colleagues?